Thursday, October 28, 2010

McIver's Take

Hi Efurryone! McIver here. Usually Calhoun has control of this blog but he let me fill in today. It's been a while since we posted but we've been around.

I think Momma has told you about me but I'd like to tell you in my own words. You see, I am often misunderstood. People think I am so serious but I am actually a pretty funny guy! I love to make funny noises when I yawn or sigh! I also like to open the babygate with my snooter.

Can anyone else do that?

I like to do zoomies in the living room which includes jumping on the couch. Tummy rubs are oh so soothing.

It's also really fun to play this game I made up. If Momma or Daddy ignores me, I just put my snooter unner their hands and throooowwwww it up in the air! THAAAATTTT gets their attention.

Sometimes Momma tries to hide her face from me in the couch. Then I use my snooter to move all the couch cushions and WAAAALAAAA there she is! Duh! And then I get TONS of smooches on my snooter.

So anyways, I am not that serious. So what if I don't like that many people? Loving my Momma and Daddy is just enough for me- if Calhoun would just let me squeeze in there somewhere.

I also really like to assist Momma whether she is on a walk or cooking dinner. She can always count on me!

Yep- I think this home is gonna be just fine for me. Yeah, yeah. I get it Calhoun is the big dog in charge. Lucy and Nikki have their own silliness going on but they are fun to run and dig with. And Momma and Daddy always make special snuggle time for me.

So nice to meet all of you! If you don't mind, I am gonna kick back and relax now.

Snooter sniffs,


PeeS Thank goodness that CONE is gone. I don't efur want annuder one! And thanks for wishing me well!


  1. McIver... You are truly TAILented. You can open a baby gate... for REAL??? That is amazing. I am really glad that YOU got to post today.

  2. I dunno why peeples think we has to like all peeples. Duss all peeples like all udder peeples? I think not. So you just keep liking only who you wanna keep liking, McIver!

  3. Shawnee knows her stuff!

    We are with her!

    Khyra and The Golden Khousins

  4. Sounds like you'd fit right in here. Cuz'in Ruger makes all kinds of noises when he yawns and the like. And the couch thing, that is our favorite game! The cone, I am with you on that one, if never ever ever see one again I will be a happy dog!


    Mr. Nubbin'

  5. Awww, McIver! I luved learning more about you! And my Brudder Ranger says that it's okay to only like select peoples. He only likes certain peoples, too, and he doesn't understand why I seem like I luv everybuddy. I guess it takes all kinds of pawsonalities to make the world go round.

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. I luved learning abouts all of your names today!

  6. I'm not the least bit surprised that you can open a gate. You must be a genius with duct tape too, right?

  7. I saw Morgan nodding and agreeing with you while we read your post! I do tend to like everybody, but Morgan doesn't trust too many dogs or people. She's appointed herself my personal bodyguard.


  8. Hi, McIver!
    Glad you had the chance to make this post!
    Sounds like you are a snooter specialist!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  9. I think sometimes humans think black dogs are more serious. I don't understand why. I can see you are a fun loving guy. No problem being discriminating in which humans you like. That is prudent as far as I am concerned.