Thursday, January 20, 2011


Mamma Heartbeat here. Calhoun was in such a fabulous playful mood this morning that it just got me thinking. It seems that his muzzle is graying faster these days. He's only 4 and a half but he's been plagued with sore knees and joints. Otherwise, his health is fair. It just seems like he's been with me forever because we've been through so much.

My ex-boyfriend got Calhoun for himself BUT Calhoun had other plans. By all accounts, he was an ill-behaved pup! The EX just couldn't get it together so Calhoun came to live with me.

I remember "walking" him. This essentially involved him doing the alligator death roll down the sidewalk while screaming bloody murder. Finally one day I just sat down on the yellow line and cried. I don't think I cared if a car had come along or not! I was THAT frustrated.

And YES, we had been in obedience class. Over time, we took more classes. Nobody could really handle this spunky, preciously adorable, devil- in- disguise, little pup until we met a trainer at Petsmart named Linda.

Oh honey. It was on like neckbone! Calhoun was going to behave if it was the last thing she and I did!

Oh yeah- and I was going to behave like I deserved a dog that was going to behave! :-)

The next time I cried was when Calhoun recieved his AKC Canine Good Citizenship certificate!

Then he became a therapy dog!

It might seem insignificant to Rally Champions or whatever but he makes me so proud!

Puppy Calhoun: Why behave when you look like this?

Precious face has given lots of kisses

Serious face

I love this boy!
WE have come a long way together.

No matter what has happened in my life, Calhoun has been right beside me.
(Even in my wedding dress and despite that hair!) 

It's Calhoun and me.

I will never have another Calhoun so I promise to enjoy every day with him!


  1. Aww, what a touching post!! It looks like Calhoun is a perfect gentleman these days, thanks to you and your training!

    Elyse and Riley

    P.S.--So funny that you mention the alligator death roll. I have used those exact words ("alligator death roll") to describe Riley since she was a puppy when she gets in trouble and we have to try to drag her by the collar...!

  2. OH YES... Savor every single minute of every single day together!!!! I love the pictures!!!

  3. What a great post! Mom just wants to kiss his boxer mug!

  4. awesome post. i know what you mean. I have a calhoon of my own! (Loki)... i went home from classes crying myself. it's worth it though because when they turn around, its magic. good for you for sticking with it and not giving up. he's a doll. and your hair isn't bad at all. i think you look great in that dress!

  5. Awwwwe, dis brought tears to my mum's eyes. Her gets a little emotional when her loos at brudder and sissy gettin grey hairs.
    Yea, I ain't so sure bouts da training and all but dang I am evers proud dat you stuck to your guns Momma H! I am proud of both of ya'll. I am impressed he gots his Good Canine Citezenship thinga mabob.

    PS: LOOOOOVE da wedding foto!

  6. Mom had a rilly, rilly, rilly noggty dog like that once, too and she can soooo relate. The only thing that got him trained woz the fact that mom be more stubborn than he woz and she woz not going to let him get the bestest of her. Mom won. Evenshually. But mom says coz of him, efurry dog after has been a piece of cake, even those wot udders would think be debil dogs, BOL!

  7. What a lovely story and how proud you must be of Calhoun now.

    No wonder you treasure every day. (Love the wedding photo)

    Love and licks from Winnie the greyhound - your latest follower

  8. Awwww...what a sweet postie, CalhounMomma. I can tell how proud of him and you should be proud of yourself, too. There's other peoples that mighta given up on him. He's awful lucky to have you.

    And that CGC thing is HUGE! I think I might like to try it one day but I got some work to do before I can give it a try. I'm Most Impressed with both of you!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  9. That is a furry furry special post!

    Thanks fur pawing it!


  10. Calhoun is such a handsome boy! I'm so glad you found each other!

    Stumpy does the alligator death roll if I grab her by her color! Something tells me, before she found me, someone was hauling her around by the color and it scared the bejesus out of her!

  11. From the mom - as the Beaglebratz would say - WOWZERS! (Oh dear - a marathon comment here) Are you visiting with Calhoun now? I bet when people see him coming they just break into big smiles. I just love his face and that wedding pic of you and Calhoun is just priceless.

    As I read about his life and both of your accomplishments with him, I was reminded so much of me and Shiloh. I am physically disabled and my balance is far from the best altho I can walk decently. I got Shiloh as a small 10-pound puppy at 8 weeks - it wasn't long before he left that small size behind and grew into 16 and a half inch Beagle before he was 10 months - he is also very stocky - both of which is not the usual Beagle (he is purebred tho). Anyway, I even had a trainer - as well as my sis - tell me that maybe I should consider getting a different and smaller dog - that was after our first couple of obedience classes when he was just 4 months old - probably at least 14 inches and 30 pounds (not overweight just big-boned). But after transferring obedience training to Petsmart, plus my stubborness to "get it" plus his growing up and maturing, he too earned his CGC and is now beginning his 6th year as a therapy dog. Shiloh will be 8 this March yes, his muzzle is gray - in fact it has been for at least 3 - 4 years. My other Beagle - Shasta - just turned 4 this past October and already her muzzle has whitened and now spreading around her eyes and the rest of her face. Shasta is a momma's baby but Shiloh will always hold a special place in my heart - proud of him? That's an understatement. :) You have every reason to be proud of what you both have accomplished!

  12. Mama Heawtbeat
    Youw bootiful post bwought teaws to Mommi's eyes and touched ouw heawt. Youw love and pwide in Calhoun came thwoo.He is vewy vewy special and wowf evewy moment you spent wowking wif him.
    Youw pwomise to him makes my heawt sing
    smoochie kisses

  13. What a great TRibute to obviously a great pup!

    woof -Tucker

  14. Such a great post. It's amazing to hear how far he's come.

  15. aaahh what great pictures and a terrific post. Now mom is getting all mushy with us.
    Benny & Lily

  16. Awww! I know that feeling! We had a Greyhound named Hawk once who was just, well, a challenge! I never knew what his next issue du jour would be, just that there would be one. But of all the dogs I've known in my life, he made me the best person for having known him! I still miss that boy!

  17. Calhoun may be graying, but he's got many years left in him. It's wonderful for both of you that you appreciate him now, every day, without waiting until he is old or gets sick. This way, many fewer regrets and much more happiness for you both. It's a rich gift to appreciate what you have while you have it.

    Jed & Abby

  18. Puppy Calhoun?!?! SWWOOOON!!! Let me pick my tounge up off the floor!

  19. Calhoun and you are lucky to have found one another...what a perfect match lots of love in that last picture.
    Well done tribute,
    Madi and Mom

  20. Thanks for sharing this very special post with us!
    Calhoun sure is pawesome... and you too!
    Happy Saturday!
    Kisses and hugs

  21. That's such a great story! Congrats Calhoun!

  22. This is such a sweet story. Thanks for sharing it with us. It sure makes us all woozzy doody here. Your love for Calhoun overflows.

  23. What a beautiful, beautiful reflective tribute to Calhoun!

    This is truly a wonderful post. Posts like this one that share the deep emotion of a beloved dog and its owner are rare...thank you for being so honest and allowing us in.

    Yes, each and every day with our animals is precious - and it's good to live each one to the Max. You obviously share the same sentiment as me.

    I wish you both many, many years of fun and companionship. Congratulations of what you have done for Calhoun. That type of dedication is seldom found. I salute you!

    Sending lotsaluv