Thursday, February 23, 2012


It was yesterday at approximately 9:30AM that I received a call from my neighbor who also happens to be the daughter of our V-E-T, also our neighbor. She states that one of my Boxers is loose and the police were trying to catch him/her. I assumed that it was Lucy so I called the police dispatch because I work 30 mins from my home. To my surprise I realized, it was Calhoun. So I tell them his name and that he's friendly so don't shoot him or anything.

I drive WAY to fast to get home and on  my way, the officer on the scene calls my cell phone to tell me that they had to MACE him because he jumped on another dog. A lady was pushing a stroller and walking her chocolate lab and he jumped the lab. OMG!!! This is NOT the Calhoun I raised! Calhoun has accepted dogs into our home on numerous occasions.

But I know the dog and she lets him pee in our yard and sometimes on the fence post that Calhoun is restrained behind. He is too big to be on a flex-lead. I have to say she doesn't have control over him.  Talk about making Calhoun angry. They DO NOT like each other.

Anyway, I FINALLY get there after what seems like eternity and Calhoun is walking around peeing on bushes. He won't come to me- probably because I am running around like an idiot in heels. So I leave the police with Calhoun while I run home for some bribery food and my running shoes.

By the time I get back, Calhoun  has agreed to be captured! He is quickly placed in my backseat. And I am promptly given a ticket for $242!!! Luckily, the policeman was really nice. I was very upset that Calhoun attacked that other dog. Luckily everyone was okay. Thank GOD I am not being sued. Hopefully, when I go to court in April, he will drop the ticket if Calhoun can act right until then.

So how did he get loose you ask? Well, he head-butted the chain-link fence until it came loose from the posts and he escaped underneath. So Calhoun is Blogville's newest criminal.

PS I am truly taking this seriously as Calhoun could've been put on doggie death row. I am VERY aware of the awful consequences that could've come from this. I will be working to fix the fence this weekend and until then, he's only going out on a leash. AND we'll be re-visting his recall... AGAIN.


  1. Oh no, Calhoun!!! I can understand that the Lab has been trying to cover the scents that you marked as YOUR territory over and over and over again. I understand that you feel a serious lack of respect for that lab. I would too. That lab would have been grinding on my last nerve and all you want to do is protect your territory.

    But Calhoun, what about your Mum?! You scared her to death and you were very very lucky to be able to go back home instead of someplace else. Pick your battles, sweetie!

  2. Calhoun, that was not very nice, although I would probably try and pee on the Lab (well maybe on his toenail). Just gotta follow the rules, buddy. Or else it won't be very purrty fur anyone!

  3. OMD... CALHOUN.. WHAT were you THINKIN??
    Well, we all know that OUR CALLS always trump Peep reCalls.. THAT is to be expected.
    Sorry this happened. You gotta stay INSIDE your fence.. You could have been hit with a car or truck. Or caused your mom to have PEE in her Panties.

  4. OH HOW SCARY!! There's nothing worse than that feeling of not being in control of your beloved dog who is being BAD. Been there, done that. Calhoun!! No special treats for a week!! $242.00!!! Glad this had a happy ending!

  5. UMMMMM you weren't trying to get to Puddles' House were you?

    PeeS.... I wish Blogger would catch on that I (Frankie Furter) am a DACHSHUND.. NOT a ROBOT.

  6. Calhoun! I realize you prolly don't have da friendliest feelings for that neighbor lab.....butt you gotta follow da rules. If not, then some humans could cause your mom even MORE greenpapers..or WORSE!!!

    We are so glad everyone is okay ('cept your mom's pocketbook)

    Has your mom set the terms of your Probation yet?? Prolly no treats for a week.....sigh.

  7. Holy snot, I didn't knows bouts da attack of da lab. Yea, I knows we has rules but we is still dogs and once you is free they be no telling what could happen.
    But, it still kinda pissy how you gots a ticket and da Stoopid's be sellin' crack and he be all actin' likes nuttin happened. Da lady told anudder neighbor they let him out cuz of his disability.

    Oh and I am so sorry I missed you running around in heels...hehehehe.


  8. Oh wow, that's scary! Calhoun, no matter how mean the lab is to you, you can't go attacking him and getting in trouble like that. You could've been put in jail and even killed! Think how your poor momma would feel then. :( Please be good, buddy.

  9. Oh my word Calhoun what are you doing...thank goodness momma came to save you. When are the visiting hours, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  10. Abby is also an escape artist. In order to keep her from digging under the fence, mama had the entire inside of the fence lined with concrete building blocks held in place by iron re-bars pounded into the ground. We're talking the kind of heavy [10 lbs?] blocks you used to build bookcases with in college, not mere bricks or decorative blocks. Abby has been unable to shift them.

    As Calhoun is able to head-butt the lower fence, you may want to either wire the fence to the blocks or thread the iron re-bars through the fence and blocks. May not be aesthetically pleasing, but it works. And over time, dirt will blow into the blocks and little volunteer plants will appear. You could even speed it up and just add your own dirt and plants, if the dogs won't eat them.

    Mama also has locks on every gate that can only be opened with a key. And thanks to a recent episode, there are now concrete paver stones under the gates so Abby can't dig under the gate to escape.

    The fence is 6 foot. Abby could not jump it and has never tried to climb it.

    Good luck!

    Jed & Abby

  11. Phew! Close call. Yup, I do daily perimeter inspection on our fences because those chain link things can come loose.

    Mango Momma

  12. BWhahahahaha...OMD, your comment hads me spew my beer out.
    I am so gonna has to rememebrs dat...if da leash doesn't fit, you must acquit...bwhahahaha.

    Now I'll be glad to go pickett as long as nobuddy steps on me. I si kinda short ya knows. Or shall I be you lawyer?


  13. Oh goodness! Good thing you got that phone call. If he's anything like Shelby they could have been out there all day trying to get him. Don't you just hate it when they act like you haven't taught them a thing?! :)

  14. Wow Calhoun, you are like a felon? Or maybe a misdemeanorER! I'm not sure 'cause I am a rebel law-breaker just waiting for my chance. Heh

    My moose brother Hannibal is not liking very many black labs himself (i think he is a breedist)

    We're glad you are home safe and sound but I bet your momma takes that $242 outta your snackum monies....they always do.

    Sugar the Who