Thursday, July 8, 2010

Boys Will Be Boys!?!

Lucy Mae here!
Living in dis house I learn quickly dat boys are crazy! I tries very much to be a lady. Here is Daddy (WHAT IS HE WEARING?) teaching Calhoun the fine art of wrestling.
Daddy's real good at it too 'cuz we help him! In fact, we have a sitter this weekend cuz he's competin' in 'Lanta. Last time dis sitter came, she tried to take a baff and I lickded her butt when she leaned over to run water!! HEHEHEHE- Puddles prolly be proud o dat! Who knows what we got planned for her dis weekend... mwhahahahaha!

WHAT!?! Girls just wanna have fun too. I still a lady!

Well- it be Monday afore you hear from us again! We'll have some stories to tell I am sure! Enjoys da weekend!

Lucy Mae

(aka DucyMaeMae, Twinkletoes, BabyGirl)


  1. Good luck to your dad! I don't wrestle, either! It's just beneath me!


  2. WaaROOOO you licked the sitter's sitter???? That is tooooooo funny. Love it. YEP, Puddles would be Proud of that one fur sure.

  3. Lucy Mae,

    Oh yes, lots of luck to your dads, what does he competes in? Have funs with your sitter (you licked her butt, hehehe).

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  4. BOL! Looks like your dad be having a fun game of Bitey-Face with da boys!


  5. Bwhahahaha..lookis atchaDDdi, he siill e wearings instituition clothes...hehehehe Now he goes to do da Latino Dance competition in his istituition clothes
    Ooh, I bes a doxie, I can't reach anybuddies butt. I mean, not dat I hasn't tried though.

  6. I am with Bunny. Looks fun, but not for me. Plus, I am pretty sure I would get my butt kicked.

    Your pal, Pip

  7. I loves my dad super lots too. My most favoritest place is curled up in the chair with him. I'm sure I'm a lap dog!


    Mr. Nubbin'

  8. Good luck to your dad! Looks like everyone has a good time at your house!

  9. Good luck to your dad!! I bet he'll do great after practicing those moves with Calhoun!

    See ya Monday!


  10. I hope your dad brings back photos from his big competition.

    Yuh, we do that too. We call it floor fun and it is great.


  11. Hi Lucy Mae-

    I'm Lucy Lou! I'm a 5 month old boxer fawn, n my hooman n I haves lots of adventures. You should come check us out. But, in da meantime, we'll be keepin our paws on ya!

    Wiggles & Giggles,
    Lucy Lou