Monday, July 12, 2010

The Tourney

THIS is who my Daddy fought in his tournament...

AND this...

Okays maybe not but he was real brave and real good evens though he not win. He still da biggest, strongest Daddy to me! He even fought a boy 10 years younger den hims by accident! Ders a big difference between 25 and 34 Momma says!

Dis be what we did while Momma and Daddy was gone! SLEEP! Our sitter was real good and we spent lots of quality*** time wif hers.

***Quality: verb. to hold down Britney and licks her to death

It was very tirings cuz we still sleeped afters Momma and Daddy be homes!!!

Naptime! Bye,

Lucy Mae


  1. Keeping sitters entertained and loved can be tiring work! I'm glad your momma and daddy are home now! Congrats to your daddy for holding is own with those creatures... yikes!!


  2. Hellos Good Neighors! Welcome Home.
    Too bad bout you Daddy, I know he did his best and that's what counts...tells him if he needs me to retrain him and give him some tips just to gives me a holler...hehehe!
    Dat bes some tough work having to lick da dickens out of a sitter.
    Oh by da way, dat top pikture is my daddy..hehehehe!


  3. Wow! Your daddy is one brave man!

    I'm glad you kept the sitter under control!


  4. Good to see you back again. I can certainly understand why you be so tired today......sitters can be difficult to restrain sometimes, even if it be fur their own good. BOL!!


  5. Lucy Mae,

    I am happy that your mom and dad is back home with you! I luvs the picture of you snoozin' us boxers are so cute when we asleep!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  6. Do you need a tongue splint after all that lickin'? Sorry your dad didn't win, butt he is a winner in your eyes and that's ALL that matters.

  7. Oh, those twenty something man persons are made of rubber with heads full of sawdust. Not to be reckoned with. Your dad was brave just to even get near one. I hope he is OK.