Monday, January 31, 2011

Friday, January 28, 2011

Harry's Hidings

First, we want to say what fun we had at Mayzie's yesterday! Wow! That is a lot of commenting!

Mamma felt that maybe we should mix things up a bit today. We blog a lot about us dogs so we thought we should share Harry with you. I mean, he's a cool cat, really. He's very much like a dog. He follows Mamma around and he is pretty laid back- for a cat. Don't mistake, he is VERY dramatic and demanding but NOTHING startles him.

Harry wondered up to Mamma's uncle's sawmill in July 2002. They had a couple of cats who didn't like Harry. So Mamma decided she needed a pet and took him! We think he is probably about 9 years old. His full name is Harry Winston. Mamma says that he is the only Harry Winston she could ever have.

Harry likes to find interesting places to sleep or explore. You NEVER know where he will pop up next.

Harry on a bathroom shelf. We still need to finish the trim in the remodeled bathroom but who wants to do that?

Harry prefers FRESH water. Please ignore the dirty sink.

I don't know. Don't ask.

Harry in the linen closet at Mamma's parents house.

Really Harry?

What kinda fabric softener is this?

Checking out the view from the window seat. It's Christmas time so there is a candle in the window.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Mamma Heartbeat here. Calhoun was in such a fabulous playful mood this morning that it just got me thinking. It seems that his muzzle is graying faster these days. He's only 4 and a half but he's been plagued with sore knees and joints. Otherwise, his health is fair. It just seems like he's been with me forever because we've been through so much.

My ex-boyfriend got Calhoun for himself BUT Calhoun had other plans. By all accounts, he was an ill-behaved pup! The EX just couldn't get it together so Calhoun came to live with me.

I remember "walking" him. This essentially involved him doing the alligator death roll down the sidewalk while screaming bloody murder. Finally one day I just sat down on the yellow line and cried. I don't think I cared if a car had come along or not! I was THAT frustrated.

And YES, we had been in obedience class. Over time, we took more classes. Nobody could really handle this spunky, preciously adorable, devil- in- disguise, little pup until we met a trainer at Petsmart named Linda.

Oh honey. It was on like neckbone! Calhoun was going to behave if it was the last thing she and I did!

Oh yeah- and I was going to behave like I deserved a dog that was going to behave! :-)

The next time I cried was when Calhoun recieved his AKC Canine Good Citizenship certificate!

Then he became a therapy dog!

It might seem insignificant to Rally Champions or whatever but he makes me so proud!

Puppy Calhoun: Why behave when you look like this?

Precious face has given lots of kisses

Serious face

I love this boy!
WE have come a long way together.

No matter what has happened in my life, Calhoun has been right beside me.
(Even in my wedding dress and despite that hair!) 

It's Calhoun and me.

I will never have another Calhoun so I promise to enjoy every day with him!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Mamma finally got her act together, went back to work and uploaded these pics like a good assistant...

You better run Nikki!

Nikki thinks she is a pointer dog.

Calhoun and Lucy

Nikki and McIver look like bears! Calhoun stays to the side.

Nikki, Calhoun and McIver

Nikki and her snow face

What next?

Lucy is wearing her coat from last year. She started a diet that day too!

Mamma loves this picture because it looks like Lucy is licking a snowflake off her nose. She's ready to go inside.

Beautiful McIver

The road beside our house.

Daddy sledding with some neighbors. Adults were acting very silly on this day!

The pineapple is a symbol of southern hospitality and looks really funny in the snow!

Monday, January 17, 2011

We Know What Puddles Did!

First of all Mamma is still home bothering loving us so still no pics! She busted her fanny on ice in the driveway this morning! Daddy said he was glad she didn't hit her head 'cuz then he'd have to patch a busted driveway. I don't get it but whatever.

If ya'll remember, we live in the same neighborhood as Puddles the amazing doxie & champion squirrel assassin. Well this morning she tossed a squirrel right out in front of our Daddy as he was driving to work.


Mamma & Daddy swerve to miss bugs so Daddy was quite disturbed. So I brought it to their attention that it happened just past Puddles & that she must've used her super assassin skills to fling it right under the tire leaving Daddy no time to swerve.

Puddles, you are one naughty little doxie- but we sure are glad you feel better!

Pees... snow pics tomorrow- we promise!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

we are good!

Hi efurryone!

We've had tons of snow as Puddles reported. Mamma is driving me crazy because she has cabin fever. I am totally exhausted because my all day nap time has been severely interrupted. We have tons of pictures but Mamma left her camera cords at work so we can't post any yet.

I need to call her boss and tell him how she is fussing over loving me...

Wiggles & Cold, Wet nose nudges,


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Informative Post from Mamma

With all the "happenings" around here, I've been able to try a couple of new things and I thought I'd share them with you.

First of all, I think everyone is familiar with the traditional cone of doom. Below is McIver modeling. Having this cone in our home means we MUST put away all breakables. Additionally, for the safety of our knees, we must know where the cone (and canine) are at all times. Having 4 dogs means we feed in crates. This started when Lucy decided an invisible monster was going to steal her food and that there was ne'er a morsel in sight to replace it. Her growl sent everyone into a tailspin. But I digress...The cone of doom doesn't work in a crate.

And frankly, by the time it's possible to remove the cone of doom, it has glows of duct tape.
(And yes we live near Puddles...)

McIver looking like an olive in a martini glass.

So we decided to give this a try and we LOVE it. Nikki is now "Bubblehead" but she seems comfortable. She runs around the house and essentially bounces her noggin off the walls but it's better than the cone of doom!

We got a Large but it has a velcro strap that makes it adjustable. Because it is adustable we can use it for McIver and Calhoun if they ever need it. It has an inner tube, accessible via a zipper, that is inflatable and is protected by a durable rubber cover. It's also washable.

At Petsmart, it cost about $30 but is definitely reusable.

Above is the nail trimmer with the sensor. Obviously, I'd already taken the trimmers out.

It is battery operated. The batteries are provided and should last up to ten hours of use. They are just little watch-type batteries so easily replaceable.

Apparently the sensor can pick up blood which is how it detects the quick. It must work off some sort of mineral detection or something.

There is a red light, a yellow light and a green light to alert you as to the location that you are about to trim.

This one is for thick nails and cost $49.99 at Petsmart in the grooming isle. The one for smaller nails was about $30-35.

So far I give it two thumbs up!!
I hope this helps. Have a great day everyone!

Mamma Heartbeat signing off!

Monday, January 3, 2011

We Are Not MIA... well not really anyway

Ok so it's been wild at our house lately but before I fill you in, here's some pictures that Momma had on file...

Here's me in a waterfall in Pisgah National Forest NC.
 Pees- don't know that girl- get outta my shot woman!!
A Pisgah Waterfall

Me and my Pops

So anyways, Momma's been sick for a week with some cold. She started feeling better Saturday and then Sunday morning she noticed Nikki was licking her side.

OMD, Nikki has a cut in her side like McIver had a couple of months ago.

So after 2 hours in the doggie ER, Nikki had 5 staples and was seeing purple elephants!

Momma says it's me cutting them with my toe nails! WAH! So what I don't like a manicure? I am a man dog! She dremels them and it just takes TOO freakin' long! I got stuff to do!

Momma got this trimmer with a sensor on it so she can cut them and not cut the quick- OUCH! So she cut my poooooor toe nails down to  NOTHING!

Then she was going to trim Lucy's and saw that Lucy had cracked a nail and it was bleeding! Now Lucy and Nikki on are Aunty byoticks along with Momma!

AND finally, Daddy is getting him some Aunty byoticks because he woke up sick this morning!

All of this to say, we are reading and following but there isn't much to report here because we are afraid to leave the house!