Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lucy Goose

This post is for my Lucy Goosey! She is the smallest of our pack which means two things. She either gets overlooked and lost in the shuffle or she very often gets alone time with Mamma. She takes this time to enjoy her numerous toys and bones without the big kids trying to take them away. She often takes time to sleep in Mamma's lap or lick Mamma until she's sopping wet!!
Lucy protects her booty!!

Look at that SMILE!!

Yummy bone!

PLEASE don't take my bone!

Do we haveta let 'em back in?


Thanks ForPetsSake for this award. Mamma will post about it later this week. She says she's gotta think thru this one... oh brother!

Friday, June 3, 2011


As some of you know, we've been adjusting to a different life around here. We are "making it work" because that's life. I, Mamma Heartbeat, am so VERY thankful that through thick and thin, I always have my dogs and cats. 

I swear to you they know I am stressed. 

Every night I look forward to our cuddle time. No more unhappiness around here!!

AND to prove that, TODAY, I celebrate and honor my sweet Calhoun on his 5th birthday. 

He is my heart dog. 

No matter what, he will always be there for me and me for him. 

I tried to get some good photos of Calhoun's "parts" but they are blurry because he moves too much!

I took these pictures one night because I was afraid that one day I would forget my favorite parts of Calhoun. I don't ever want to forget any part of him. 

Sweet wrinkly muzzle. Too many grays for my baby.

Always with that nose and smile! He rubs his chin raw from chewing bones and stuff!

Those big paws that dance when he sees me. Yes he broke a toe once.  The vet said there wasn't much to do for him. 

Those soulful eyes. He's seen so much.

My lovebug, Calhoun

Therapy Dog work is way too hard for Calhoun. He needs a nap!

more napping...

Who could resist that wiggle butt? Lucy and Calhoun playing with a puppy-sized McIver  (laser  beam eyes!). 

Gratuitous shot of McIver for tha ladiiieesssssss! (ANNA & MORGAN)

A McIver puppy shot! Good thing he grew into those ears, huh, ladies?