Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010 Memories

We had a wonderful Christmas which included SNOW!! It came later in the day though so Mamma and Daddy were able to travel the 30 minutes to Grandma and Grandpa's house. They watched the little one open TONS of pressies and there were even pressies for his unborn sister! She won't be here until May but everyone is VERY excited to meet her.

I just like smell baby bellybuttons- don't ask.

So anyways, we all got new beds just in time to keep us warm after a snow jaunt. Mamma also put hot water in our food so we got warm food in our bellies too!

Harry is enjoying his bed but Lilly doesn't really get the point of a bed. Or maybe she does.

Why should she lay in that bed when she can have Mamma and Daddy's king size bed?

"I am good with the big bed. Thanks Mamma!", Lilly says.

Harry sleeping peacefully...

Lilly still not sleeping in her bed.

This is me, Calhoun, practicing my zoomies in the snow the day after Christmas!

This is one of the patio chairs with snow. Melting had already begun.

Our flag at the front of the house with snow on it.

We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

And Michael Vick is STILL an idiot...

So Mr. Vick wants a dog...

I cannot even begin to explain how vile this is.

Any thoughts from my fellow dog lovers?

Momma Heartbeat

UPDATE: I am still stewing. I suggest that he go to one of the rescues that spent countless hours and dollars cleaning up a mess that he created. Just ask one of those volunteers if they'll adopt out a dog to you MIKE. Having a dog in your life is a privilege NOT a right.

I seriously think the absurdity is going to send me over the edge. AHHHH!!!

2nd UPDATE: He actually is banned from ever owning a dog but the fact that he utters such a statement is insulting to all the people that were left holding the leashes of the dogs he terrorized and those that work everyday to rescue dogs, end BSL, and every responsible pet owner out there. He is a tough pill to swallow, especially for us Bully lovers. *Remember Calhoun is a boxer/ bulldog mix.

Monday, December 6, 2010

For All Our Lovely Furiends...

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UPDATE: We didn't get any snow this weekend but it is FRIGID! And by FRIGID- I mean like Momma ran in 17 degree cold this morning. She's a smart one. I was quite comfortable asleep in my warm bed but I did give her the stink eye...

Wiggles & Licks,

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Here We Go Again...


As if we don't have enough craziness going on around here, what with tornadoes and all? We are supposed to get some snow on Sunday.

For all of you who get like 80 gazillion inches per year, we get like 4 and everything shuts down. Then the snow melts during the day, freezes and people crash their cars the next day.

It's all fun and games for a little bit but then my paws get cold and I just want to go inside and sleep next to Momma on the couch. And I know that my Sibe friends (Thundering Herd, Khyra, OP Pack) are gasping in horror.

Us Boxers just don't have the fuzziness necessary to enjoy this snow!

Nikki and McIver are better equipped- maybe Cheoh can teach them the snow slide!

Now for your viewing pleasure... pictures of us!

Nikki loves the snow. Isn't she pretty?

Lucy, Nikki and me playing in & eating snow!

Calhoun (8 months old) "How did dat snow get yellow?"

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bad Storm Last Night (AKA end of the WUUUURRLD!)

We had a really bad storm last night. We lost power at about 8pm. Momma and Daddy were stumbling through the house to find candles and the flashlight. I just laid on the couch until they could compose themselves. Finally, they got me some light so I could sleep like a civilized pup!

I hope Puddles didn't have to endure this silliness...and I hope she didn't have to drink warm beer 'cuz her fridge went out!!! TRAGEDY!

We have yet to see the delightful "southerner" describe the incident as sounding "just like a freight train" and explaining how she "told Earl it was gonna be the end of the WUUURLD!" All the Heartbeats are born and raised southerners so we can say that without offense! We just say a prayer that one of our relatives doesn't pop up on the screen!

100 year old building loses its roof!

Main Street in our town!
 **Momma Heartbeat here. Yes Calhoun and the other furkids were rather unaware brave last night. We definitely had a storm. We aren't prone to tornadoes but I think we must have had a little one. The pictures above show the streets in our neighborhood. It was quite scary. It was so dark though we just knew it was raining and very windy. Then the transformer blew and we heard sirens. Somehow we went to bed about 9pm. And the power came back on about 11pm which scared us to death! Hopefully, we will have some daylight when I get home to take a look and make sure we didn't get any damage. Our gigantic old trees make me nervous during storms. I think we'll be fine though. I don't know how all our blog friends in tornado country do it!**

Monday, November 29, 2010

We're Back!! And Waiting...

Hi everyone! The Heartbeats are back... finally! After we all got...duh, duh, duh- BATHS yesterday, we decided to catch up on all our blog reading. Despite Calhoun's enthusiasm, we are still working on that.

"That Mango- he just cracks me up!"

Then, Momma decided to take our Christmas pictures...




Some are better than others but that's okay. Momma is sure to take many, many more!

Now we are waiting patiently on Santa.

Calhoun and McIver keep an eye on the door for any signs of Santa.

Calhoun sets his "Santa Trap".
Lucy sums up our Thanksgiving Holiday!

We'll be around as fast as we can! We missed you all!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

Lipstick Happens ...But So Does Grace: Why I Blog

I decided to write this post because I am disturbed. There appears to be turmoil in Blogville and I don't like it.

I decided to start blogging because it is an outlet. An outlet I don't have at my job or at my gym or anywhere else in my life. I love my animals and I could talk about them non-stop. Unfortunately, most people don't want to hear THAT much about my dogs & cats. Even my parents are over the dog stories.

Also, in Blogville, I've found people that share my other passions such as animal rights, animal healthcare, training, and rescue among others. I've also found people that have a deeper than normal compassion for animals. Being from the south, I don't get too much support when I publicly question my legislators about weak dogfighting legislation for example. On Blogville, my feelings and concerns are validated and I don't feel like such a bleeding heart!

I never thought I'd be a part of something like Power of the Paw. When Calhoun had eye surgery, I was a WRECK at work. No one cared or even understood why I would fork out that kind of money for a SPECIALIST to perform surgery on *gasp* a dog! I wish I'd had the Power of the Paw to reassure me. I will probably never meet any of you but I know that you know how I feel. It's nice to not feel alone.

And Blogville is rarely 100% serious. We all love our animals and the silly things they do. And the silly things us humans do for them! I mean really, where is our dignity!?! LOL! I mean we give our dogs these personas and accents which are great! We are able to do this because we know our dogs and cats so well that we are convinced that they would have this accent or feel this way about such and such.

This is just one example of Blogville meanness, someone criticized Shawnee the Shepherd ( I think it was Shawnee...) for the way she talks. Why, why, why would anyone actually take the time to send such a ridiculous comment? Of course Shawnee talks like that! Look at her- she's precious! Love you Shawnee! Her blog is ADORABLE!

While none of the blogs I follow are truly controversial, some of our blogs might be more controversial than others. I am not perfect, my animals aren't perfect. This post may in fact open me up to criticism, I don't know. The truth is that it doesn't matter to me. My purpose is not to offend. My purpose is to find camaraderie and understanding. If you don't like it, don't read it. It really is that simple. I mean really though, Heaven Forbid, we read something outside of our comfort zone and accidentally learn something new or laugh at something inappropriate (ahem- Mango's lipstick heehee, Puddles beer wreath, the list goes on and on).

I read a profound bumper sticker on the way home from work the other day. "GRACE HAPPENS". Grace has many definitions. Obviously, there is the heavenly definition. Then there is the definition that describes a disposition to kindness and compassion. My grandmother taught me the importance of grace. I am not always gracious or graceful. But I strive to be better. I know we are all capable of it because I see it in the way you care for your animals.

So I propose we start a new group or badge or whatever called Grace Happens. By placing this badge on your blog, you pledge to be kind and compassionate to other bloggers.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Thank You, a Rock and a Birthday

Well, dis was a busy weekend fo' sho'!

First of all a big ol' "Thank You" to Mango for a pressie. I was El'bow's pick in the Be Like Mango contest. I was so excited, I ALMOST stood up. Well I did but then I got sleepy.... Thanks Mango! I really like my stuffie and the card. The stuffie will not become a group toy as it is MY stuffie.
And also, thank you to El'bow for appreciating my Mangoness.

Next, a shout out to our friend Booker! For his birfday, he went to a place near us- Table Rock State Park. We like to hike there a lot. Momma & Daddy got married there last year. Below is a picture of me and Momma on the same rock dat Booker got his picture made on.  

And FINALLY, we celebrated a BIG milestone here on Saturday. Momma's nephew, Liam, celebrated his very FIRST birthday. Liam is the son of Momma's little brother. He's really cute. He has red hair and blue eyes! I met him when he was just a pup! He smelled funny.

Liam has 2 older puppy siblings- Jack Russell Terriers. Hoon (girl) and I were REALLY good friends until they got Hartford (boy). He isn't much on playing with other dogs. He's annoying. Liam is the first grandchild on Momma's side so he's very S-P-O-I-L-E-D. Kinda like me... Momma got him a tricycle but I think that took away too much NOM money. You can see he is nomming on his bday cake. I hope she don't get any ideas about little babies... That would interupt my sleep...

Anywho- it's chilly so I am gonna take a nap in a sunbeam.


Monday, November 1, 2010


This post reminds me of the joke about how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop!

Well how many outtakes does it take to get memorable pics of your 4-legged lovables on Halloween?


AWW! The family minus the cats who were enjoying a catnip high...

Calhoun... the Great Pumpkin

Nikki- the Angel... (please be aware of lightning strikes. hehe.)

Lucy- G. I. Jane: she has to be a tough dog since she's the smallest!

McIver- our little devil. These costumes never fit quite right.

Those are acutally the costume horns but they look like his ears!!

Then Momma and Daddy enjoyed this...

Friday, October 29, 2010

What's In a Name?

So Mayzie wanted to know about efurrybody's names...

Calhoun was Calhoun when he was 4 weeks old but for a minute before that, his name was ANGUS!!!

Lucy was Shelby before we picked her up that fateful night in September. I like Shelby (Steel Magnolias) but not for Lucy.

McIver was born as part of the "M" litter of potential service dogs . The group that sponsored the litter wanted to name all the pups after families, streets, etc that were prominent to our local city.

Nikki's full registered name is Le Femme Nikkita. So dark and perfect for a black German Shepherd!

Harry didn't have a name because he just wandered up to my uncle's farm. Lilly came from a rescue but I don't truly remember her name. I think it was Pearl or something. Whatever it was, didn't fit...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

McIver's Take

Hi Efurryone! McIver here. Usually Calhoun has control of this blog but he let me fill in today. It's been a while since we posted but we've been around.

I think Momma has told you about me but I'd like to tell you in my own words. You see, I am often misunderstood. People think I am so serious but I am actually a pretty funny guy! I love to make funny noises when I yawn or sigh! I also like to open the babygate with my snooter.

Can anyone else do that?

I like to do zoomies in the living room which includes jumping on the couch. Tummy rubs are oh so soothing.

It's also really fun to play this game I made up. If Momma or Daddy ignores me, I just put my snooter unner their hands and throooowwwww it up in the air! THAAAATTTT gets their attention.

Sometimes Momma tries to hide her face from me in the couch. Then I use my snooter to move all the couch cushions and WAAAALAAAA there she is! Duh! And then I get TONS of smooches on my snooter.

So anyways, I am not that serious. So what if I don't like that many people? Loving my Momma and Daddy is just enough for me- if Calhoun would just let me squeeze in there somewhere.

I also really like to assist Momma whether she is on a walk or cooking dinner. She can always count on me!

Yep- I think this home is gonna be just fine for me. Yeah, yeah. I get it Calhoun is the big dog in charge. Lucy and Nikki have their own silliness going on but they are fun to run and dig with. And Momma and Daddy always make special snuggle time for me.

So nice to meet all of you! If you don't mind, I am gonna kick back and relax now.

Snooter sniffs,


PeeS Thank goodness that CONE is gone. I don't efur want annuder one! And thanks for wishing me well!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Why Momma Loves Sheppies...

So Momma loves us Boxer babies cuz we are lovable and snuggleable. For some reason she loves her Sheppies too! She says she likes their drive. I got drive too! I love to drive myself to da couch and snooze. I like to drive myself to da store and get some noms. I like to drive myself to da edge of da yard and bark at stuff.

Apparently it ain't da same?

Sheep are weird.

Licks and Wiggles,

P.S. Momma has been slack about posting but she's been reading all your blogs to us.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


On LIVESTRONG Day, October 2, 2010, we come together to raise awareness and funds for the fight against cancer.

We do this in honor of those we love, those who are fighting and those we hope will never have to fight this fight.

But mostly, we do this in memory of those we loved- still love-, those who have impacted our lives in unimaginable ways and those who fought this fight until the very end.

May all of you and your furbabies live full, healthy and happy lives.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Unusual Behavior

Hi Blog Friends! Momma Heartbeat here.

I have a question for all of you out there!

Most of you remember my post about McIver and his serious behavior. If not, here and here is a refresher.

Since McIver's injury he has been receiving special attention of course. He has become a WILD MAN!!! He is hilarious! Serious McIver comes out very infrequently now. He jumps around like a goofball. By the way, his stitches are unaffected by this activity. If I get up, he follows me. His tail doesn't stop wagging. He constantly has a gigantic grin on his face. I have never seen him quite this happy!

I am just not sure what to make of it. I think he's lost his mind!! Did the V-E-T give him a lobotomy?

Have any of you experienced anything like this before?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sneaky Shot and McIver Update

Daddy got dis shot of Momma! I can't believe she lets dat ratty cat sleep on her head AND I have to sleep on da floor on my bed! She says he feels warm and comforts her with his purring!! Whatever! How about my tootin'? That'll keep you warm too!

Anyway, McIver looks like a big doofus wif dis hat on his head! He got like 8 or 10 stitches. Daddy thinks me or Nikki scratched him even though our nails are trimmed. Lalalalala I'll never tell. Daddy said he tried to eat the V-E-T at first. Then Daddy made him wear a muzzle (what a baby). After they stitched him up, he jumped off the table wif tail wags and tried to love everybody!

Unfortunately wif dis cone, nothing in the house is safe. McIver keeps running into stuff! Nikki, Lucy and me are terrified by it so we run from McIver but he doesn't get it. Oh well, we's having fun wif it!

Momma tried to get pictures of his ouchie BUT McIver wouldn't lay still. It doesn't show up too well anyway AND it's GROSS!

In summary people, McIver is doing just fine and taking his meds as prescribed. I am feeling very much jealous of all the special attention dat he is receiving. I tried limping yesterday but den I forgots I was supposed to be limping and my cover was blown!
I didn't even do it long enough to get yogurt. ARGH!
Licks and Love,