Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bad Storm Last Night (AKA end of the WUUUURRLD!)

We had a really bad storm last night. We lost power at about 8pm. Momma and Daddy were stumbling through the house to find candles and the flashlight. I just laid on the couch until they could compose themselves. Finally, they got me some light so I could sleep like a civilized pup!

I hope Puddles didn't have to endure this silliness...and I hope she didn't have to drink warm beer 'cuz her fridge went out!!! TRAGEDY!

We have yet to see the delightful "southerner" describe the incident as sounding "just like a freight train" and explaining how she "told Earl it was gonna be the end of the WUUURLD!" All the Heartbeats are born and raised southerners so we can say that without offense! We just say a prayer that one of our relatives doesn't pop up on the screen!

100 year old building loses its roof!

Main Street in our town!
 **Momma Heartbeat here. Yes Calhoun and the other furkids were rather unaware brave last night. We definitely had a storm. We aren't prone to tornadoes but I think we must have had a little one. The pictures above show the streets in our neighborhood. It was quite scary. It was so dark though we just knew it was raining and very windy. Then the transformer blew and we heard sirens. Somehow we went to bed about 9pm. And the power came back on about 11pm which scared us to death! Hopefully, we will have some daylight when I get home to take a look and make sure we didn't get any damage. Our gigantic old trees make me nervous during storms. I think we'll be fine though. I don't know how all our blog friends in tornado country do it!**


  1. glad you all made it past the storm ok


  2. I am so glad to hear yall are ok
    sounds scary.

  3. Dis storm sure is a big one! We is gettin' LOTS of wind and rain at my house too but so far no power has been lost.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  4. We had LOTS of wind and then LOTS of rain but lukhkily fur us, nothing like what woo had!

    Paws khrossed woo keep safe!


  5. That sounds vewy scaiwy
    I think we'we having the same one today..Mommi walked to wowk and didn't even bothew wif an umbwella cause the wind would have wipped it out of hew hand..she's sopping wet now
    I'm just glad you'we all safe. Pleez stay that way
    smoochie kisses

  6. Holy smokes! Yup that do look like a tornader to me. OK, I is going back to my hidey spot where it be safe now coz we be hasing the storms today and that do be the bestest place to be.

  7. It does look like it has moved on to our northern friends. Ya'll hold on! Looks like you'll have some snow maybe! It's just REALLY cold today & by REALLY cold, I mean like 45 degrees. I love the south!

    Momma Heartbeat

  8. We are often under the threat of tornadoes but thankfully none have touched down in our area for years. We hope all is OK at your place and for all of your family.

    We haven't seen Puddles around for days now, we sure hope she is OK.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. I heard about this from Puddles. She is blaming it all on her mom. hehehe
    I hope no one was hurt. Glad that you were OK and Puddles says THEY are fine... except fur the Warm Drinks.

  10. Well, we had some rain and wind but nothing that bad. Glad everyone is ok!
    ~Milly and Shelby

  11. Glad you guys are all ok!


    Mr. Nubbin'

  12. The worst is when the lights are out and the sirens come on. I'm from Nebraska and Kansas so I got used to tornadoes at a young age, but I'm actually more scared of the storms out here in Chicago because we're higher up with more glass and we don't have a basement. I'm glad everyone's ok!

  13. We've gotten pretty used to those tornados here! We had an F4 blow through several years ago and ended up with no power for over a week. It's definitely a good thing to approach them with caution!

  14. One skeery storm! I wouldn't have liked it.

  15. holy cow!! me and asa and mama and daddy were in the middle of that ginormous storm on tuesday night, too!! our power flickered lots 'n lots, but we managed to not lose it. we all cuddled up in the big bed and hid under the blankeys 'til morning. when we got up, everybuddy's christmas decorations were like in the street cuz they had blown away from their houses!
    i'm super duper glad ya'll are okie dokie!!

    the booker man

  16. Hi, Guys! Glad you're ok. Hope there was no damage to your estate. We got the Biblical rains and wind, too, but we didn't have any problems at our house. Mama spent some of the most boring nights of her young life in an earthen "storm shelter" [hole in the ground] in western Oklahoma way back in the Dark Ages. Teaches respect for old Mother Nature that you never lose.

    Jed & Abby