Thursday, August 25, 2011

With a Heavy Heart and Mixed Emotions...

Nikki and Mamma at the Lake
Last Friday, Nikki was placed back in the care of Dogs for Autism. She'd fully recovered from her spay surgery and it was time for her to head to boot camp. Originally, the plan was for her to become a DFA "Mommy-dog" but upon much consideration and DFA staff hearing what I had to say about her, it was decided that she should probably be working.
I always knew she had amazing drive, energy and instincts. When we went to events she watched children like a hawk and she'd only just met them. I've never seen this girl tired. Additionally, now that it's just me, I don't have the time to give her the training she needs. Working long hours 30 mins from home doesn't allow for much training time.
There are several families who might be perfect for her. One is a family with 2 autistic boys. Can you even imagine what a blessing Nikki would be for this family? Mom is a teacher and runs 4 miles in the morning. I would run 3 miles with Nikki and she'd want MORE!!!

In the end, I am so excited for the things that I know Nikki can do for this family. I know she will be adored and loved. She was a blessing to me. She was a part of my life during a very difficult time. Nikki taught me so much about training and canine neurosis!! She is incredibly intelligent and needs to be challenged by working everyday. I also rest easy in the fact that she still belongs to Dogs for Autism so I know she will ALWAYS be cared for like the princess she is!

Pretty sure that Lucy will NOT miss her...
PLUS I know I will get plenty of updates and Nikki stories!! There are ALWAYS Nikki stories- trust me!

Godspeed Nikki-snack! Mamma loves you!!

P.S. It's been a LONG HOT summer and we are looking forward to blogging more regularly as it cools down...