Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Husky needs a home!

My dear friend, Julie, rescued this guy the other day. He is living in our Dogs for Autism kennels with several German Shepherds. Julie has years of training under her belt and really likes this guy but he really needs a proper forever home. Below is her description and some pictures. 

Neutered male, under 1 year old. Red and white. Has been very gentle with all people and all animals so far. No microchip. I found him on the road trying to get killed in traffic. He had a ratty collar on and apparently had been tied up with a wad of hay twine that he'd broken loose from and gotten away. He was skin & bones--and very worried that somebody was going to be mean to him--submissive crouching, etc. I would guess his age at about 10 months, based on the incomplete state of his molars.
We have been calling him Juneau.

Please share with anyone you can think of. This boy needs a home!

Friday, October 26, 2012


This little lady needs a home. She is 4 years old. Her Daddy passed away last night. 

She has AMAZING manners. She sits, shakes and takes treats VERY gently. NO jumping. 

She is literally a doll. They say she is full Aussie but I see a lot of Golden in her as well. 

I also think she would be very successful with agility. 

We are in the Greenville SC area. 

Most of us have maxed out on pets in our homes. If my life were a little different right now, I would take her in a skinny minute!

Our Recent Shenanigans

So you wanna know what we've been doing?

We've been sitting on Mamma watching TV. Poor Mamma can't see through me!!

We've been watching TV together & resting.

Lucy hurt her paw so that's why we are resting so much.  Mamma says she's a very good patient though.

She keeps her pink bootie on when necessary. And yes- that is DUCT TAPE keeping it on.

In an effort to cheer Lucy up, Mamma invited some friends over. Lucy forgets her manners but they don't care.

In fact, the Mamma's best friend just takes off her glasses to allow Lucy maximum licking.

So that's what we've been doing!! 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Mamma's Gift

I know the suspense is killing you so here we go...

I cannot believe we kept this surprise a secret for like almost a whole day. Lucy & I knew just what Mamma wanted- her being from backwoods SC anyway. We kept it in the backyard until she went out to collect our toys. We watched out the door as it came into her view. She was so excited she about jumped out of her skin! She hollered and danced. We just know Puddles heard her across the 'hood.

And this is what Mamma saw...

OMD OMD OMD!!! Can you believe it?!? WE got us a possum!! Puddles, are you proud? We do our part for neighborhood watch!!

I'm just thinking about some possum pizza. Yummy!! Or maybe we should get the crock pot out? We could have a tailgate party this weekend?

Mamma did you like your pressie?

Mamma Heartbeat here. My little precious perfect angels were just exhausted after their mighty hunt. I can't tell if it got rained on or if they tried to lick it back alive for another play session. 

While I didn't use salad tongs, I did pick the damn thing up with shovel and sling it over the fence. What should I do with this thing seriously? Do I need to bury it? I'm hoping it was just playing possum and will wake up and walk away!