Friday, June 29, 2012

Really, Really HOT!!

It's really super hot today as in like 106!!! We don't do much over 90 here so we've spent some days inside and this is what happens when we spend days inside... Mamma takes our pictures. See my indignant expression in the first one? Then I just gave up... Lucy wanted to know if she could see inside the flashy box thing.

Distinguished Calhoun

Sleepy Squishy-faced Calhoun

Inquisitive Lucy

Way Too Hot Outside

Calhoun sitting on the arm of the couch!?!

Harry watching the world go by in the front yard.

Y'all don't forget about us! We will be away from Blogville next week. We hope everyone has an amazing and very safe July 4th! Please stay cool and drink plenty of water!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hi everyone! It's been raining like crazy here the last few days. Mamma makes us stay inside when it rains... something about muddy paw prints and stuff. Anyway, I got attacked by the blanket monster and Lucy says she was trying to help me but I'd like to know what you think?

Monday, June 4, 2012

Calhoun's Birfday

Well for Calhoun's 6th birthday, he got..... an ear infection! Actually, I'm not sure what we are dealing with but it's not good.

My precious baby Calhoun celebrated his 6th birthday yesterday. We were very lazy but took a trip around the block and ate some cheese.

The day I brought him home!

The day I brought him home!

Sleepy puppy.

Bitey puppy.

Crazy puppy.

4 weeks old!

Lucy and Calhoun: Best Friends

Whatcha doing Ma?

Post Hiking Trip

Riding in the neighborhood with Mamma

So after a great day, I awoke at 2AM to the sound of tags rattling over and over again. I got out of bed and found both dogs freaking out. Calhoun was clearly distressed and Lucy was distressed because he was upset. She was trying to lick him. So sweet but he had heavy breathing, panting and drinking water. I walked up to him and put his head in my hands. I felt it immediately. His ear was red hot, swollen and he was clearly in pain. 

He's never had an ear infection before so I'm still not convinced that is what it is. Nonetheless, I always get a Cephalexin Rx when I go to the vet- just in case! I do the same thing for myself... just to have it for emergencies. I hate taking medicine unless it's absolutely necessary. So I dosed Calhoun up with that and put some Neosporin & Cortizone cream on the ear- not in it. Then I realized I had no Benedryl!! 

So I tossed Calhoun in the back seat and I go to Walmart in my pajamas at 2:30AM and get the last bottle of it off the shelf. I pretty much maxed that dose out too. I called work and told them I'd be late. He got two big doses of medicine before I needed to get to work. So hopefully he'll be feeling a little better when I get home. I'm still leaning towards a bug bite because it came on so suddenly and we've never had ear issues before. But alas, there's always a first! 

I worked in a doctor's office during graduate school and came to the conclusion that we as a society use the doctor WAY too much and overmedicate too much so we can't fight things off. I adhere to this philosophy for myself and my dogs. BUT I cannot stand to see my babies in pain like that!! 

We may need some ear drops but I will wait to see when I get home. Any advice- Do's or Don't's??