Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dog Mamma FAILURE!!

Well not much to report here. We've been so lazy lately as you'll see by the photos below. The weather here has been gray and sort of cold and kind of rainy-- basically coma inducing weather. The animals are happy cuddled up with me on the couch quite honestly. Dog Mamma Failure!! 

Lucy: I've got a question. Can we be lazy some more?

McIver came to visit around Thanksgiving for about 10 days.  We did take a run but mostly snuggles. 

Calhoun was anxiously awaiting our arrival at my parents house for Thanksgiving. Kind of creepy. We were at a stop light.

Lilly giving a neck massage to my boyfriend!

Lilly loving the remote control and Lucy loving her bone!

Calhoun: Dude, Harry, you are in my space. Harry: This is my mamma and I WILL lay on her.

So THAT is our exciting life and interactions...

We just wanted to wish all of our lovely Blogville furiends a very 

We love all of you very much.