Monday, July 30, 2012

100th Post & Mamma Did IT AGAIN!!!

Hi everyone! Calhoun here and I realize it's the Olympics and all but I gotta get this off my chest! 

You wouldn't believe what my Mamma has gone and done!! 

She got suckered into another PUPPY!!! 

I mean, yes- it's another Dogs for Autism puppy and he's really nice but GEEZE woman! 

His name is Shawn and he only needed a home for about a month. He's gonna live with a DFA intern while she is living in a dorm at nearby Furman University. I am kinda jealous that he will be living with a bunch of girls that will probably oohh and ahhh over him. Anyway he is bonkers and has so much energy. He even got by Mamma and STUCK HIS HEAD IN MY BOWL WHILE I WAS ENJOYING MY DINNER!! WTF!?! 

I just looked at Mamma like WTF!?! At that moment I knew he was crazy! But I let him get away with it- just this time... Take a gander at this crazy beast...

Shawn- almost 6 months

Shawn at work with Mamma

Harry has also realized that Mamma is outta her gourd...
So what do you think? He looks awful right? Can you believe he can go to work with Mamma? I think I need to go to work with her too. I can stand guard at her door and keep people outta her office!

OH yeah and this is our 100th post. I am so sure y'all have enjoyed our AMAZING blog for 100 episodes- right? 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mourning K- Run Free Gorgeous Girl

I have no words right now. My heart is truly thoroughly broken for KB.  

Mamma Heartbeat