Monday, July 30, 2012

100th Post & Mamma Did IT AGAIN!!!

Hi everyone! Calhoun here and I realize it's the Olympics and all but I gotta get this off my chest! 

You wouldn't believe what my Mamma has gone and done!! 

She got suckered into another PUPPY!!! 

I mean, yes- it's another Dogs for Autism puppy and he's really nice but GEEZE woman! 

His name is Shawn and he only needed a home for about a month. He's gonna live with a DFA intern while she is living in a dorm at nearby Furman University. I am kinda jealous that he will be living with a bunch of girls that will probably oohh and ahhh over him. Anyway he is bonkers and has so much energy. He even got by Mamma and STUCK HIS HEAD IN MY BOWL WHILE I WAS ENJOYING MY DINNER!! WTF!?! 

I just looked at Mamma like WTF!?! At that moment I knew he was crazy! But I let him get away with it- just this time... Take a gander at this crazy beast...

Shawn- almost 6 months

Shawn at work with Mamma

Harry has also realized that Mamma is outta her gourd...
So what do you think? He looks awful right? Can you believe he can go to work with Mamma? I think I need to go to work with her too. I can stand guard at her door and keep people outta her office!

OH yeah and this is our 100th post. I am so sure y'all have enjoyed our AMAZING blog for 100 episodes- right? 


  1. The tongue sooooo shows how khrazy he is ;-)

    Of khourse, when he does head to skhhool, woo will get your mamma bakhk AND she will SO owe woo!

    Khongrats on 100!!!


  2. Bwhahahaha...sorry but I thinks he is AWESOOOOOME! Gotta loves dat tongue...and those ears! Your momma has soooo lost it though...your mom and mum will make great company at da funny farm.

    Da Stoopids got 2 more dogs...after they had to put 2 down cuz they was sick...WTF?


  3. I do like his crazy tongue. But we all know who is in charge right?

  4. I have to give him a pass, yes he invaded your noms, but he does have some striking ears if I say so myself! :) At least he has you there to teach him all kinds of stuff!

  5. WHAT a GRAND way to CELEBRATE your 100th POST!!! Welcome to Blogville Shawn!!! You got here JUST in TIME fur our OLYMPICS and THAT is super!!!!

  6. Wooooo! Congrats on 100 posts! That Shawn is truly a beast, he's very beautiful though! Play bows,


  7. Well, he does have the most fantastic ears I've seen in a really long time.

    Congrats on your 100th post. That's a lot of posts!


  8. Congrrats on 100 posts, that's pawsome! Your new houseguest looks like a lot of trouble, that's for sure. I'm having trouble with mine too. Maybe we should get together to drown our sorrows!

  9. Calhoon,
    Don't you wowwy. I know you and Hawwy awe fiwst in yoow Mom's heawt . It's just such a big heawt that she can shawe it awound a little. That little Shawn looks like a cwazy kid, but awfully cute

    CONGWATULASHUNS on yoow 100 th post! I hope they'll be thousands mowe
    Smoochie kisses

  10. Congrats on 100 posts!

    We have a beast that looks just like that one who is nine months old, and let me tell you, they don't get any better as they get bigger! I feel your pain, Calhoun!


  11. We feel your pain, too, Calhoun! Moms often have bad judgement!

    Bart and Ruby

  12. Looks like a total whack job to me. Poor Calhoun!


  13. yahoooooo, Congrats on your 100th post.
    That is one big puppy, hope he finds his forever home soon.

    pee s Do you play hide and seek with him.

  14. Oh man, he's so cute! I can see why your momma went out of her gourd! I hope that you are all okay... you haven't posted since his arrival. Have you survived the high energy of a puppy?

  15. 100 hundred posts? But I just found you guys!? Guess that means I have some catching up to do. Cheers from Poochie Project