Thursday, January 10, 2013

Faith in Humanity: Restored

Mamma Heartbeat here. My morning commute is usually 30 minutes of highways, interstates and singing along with the radio. Today was a bit different. About 15 minutes in, traffic came to a stop and then a crawl, particularly in the left lane, so I huffed and got in the right lane and started to speed away. THEN I saw her, a terrified little red & white pit bull looking at every driver standing in the middle of the road. She was wearing a collar so I immediately pulled over and opened my door. She thought of jumping in and then ran to the median. 

Normally, I have dog treats and a slip leash in my car. Of course, not today. By now a county deputy had pulled over and put his blue lights on. Two other people pulled over to help. Including some rough & tumble construction workers! 

Traffic was basically stopped on both sides of the road. People were handing us lunches and dog treats to entice the scared little creature to safety. I got my hands on her but missed her collar! 

By now another deputy with blue lights was on the scene. This lasted for about 30 minutes and the little, young female decided the highway was too scary and ran to the woods. We hung out for a bit longer but she never came back. I hope she decided the woods were safer until she can find her family again or they find her. 

A deputy on the lookout for us. 

Traffic at a standstill/ crawl on both sides. 

In the end, we didn't catch her BUT I learned that humans still have good hearts and want to help. I was so shocked to see the kindness of strangers. A lot of people were probably late for work today (and with nothing to eat for lunch!) but that's ok. Not one horn was honked! It actually made me teary eyed!

Oh and to top it off, yesterdays local news was all about 2 pit bull maulings that left one woman dead and another in critical condition BUT people still wanted to help this little pibble.