Friday, February 25, 2011

For Our Slobbery Friends...

Mamma Heartbeat here...

So those of us with pups that are slobbery than most, I thought I would share the deposit. I know you all know what I am referring to.

Calhoun is outside chewing sticks and digging holes. He just does what dogs do and comes inside, walks down the hall to scope out the house and shakes "IT" off.

muddy slobber deposit

Not to be found until a few hours later after it has dried.

I am pretty much over the gross factor and have come to admire the height that he is able to get sometimes.

"Wow, Cal, I think this one's a record!"

High gloss paint, a little 409 and a washcloth and we're good to go!

Close-up muddy slobber

Sometimes, he gets your clothes though.

In all honesty, it's just best to let it dry and flake it off later.

There was a time when this would've been disgusting to me... but I don't really remember.
I absolutely ADORE big slobbery dogs. They are the BEST!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Saving Buddy

WOW!! Small town SC gets it! Having lived in SC my whole life, I can say this...Who knew?

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Beautiful Saturday and Tons of Pictures

Saturday was a BEAUTIFUL day in upstate South Carolina so Mamma made us take a B-A-T-H!! Normally this would be a bad thing but it has been a long cold winter so we've put it off for a bit. It kinda felt good to be clean-ish.

Since Nikki belongs to Dogs for Autism, we get to use their grooming stuff at the dog kennel. AND there are horses at the kennel too!! There is about 10 acres and we can run and play off leash.

Daddy dries Nikki off with the "reverse vacuum thingie".

That's a funny look from Lucy. Spa day is supposed to be relaxing.

Let's get your chin, Lucy.

It's a dogs life...

At least someone is happy about spa day!

McIver keeps an eye on the horses.

What're you looking at?

rolling hills

Caution: Big Sheppies at play!

McIver is one beautiful boy!

McIver resting.

We took the boys to the SC Botanical Gardens at Clemson University. They enjoyed the beautiful day with Mamma and Daddy.

Calhoun and McIver

WHAT is this place?

Weird place. Daddy has a weird look on his face too!

Mamma loves her boys!

Calhoun tried to jump through the hole! NOT a good idea...

McIver is a "marking" fool! McIver peed on Daddy's foot. "You're mine Daddy-o!" 

Daddy and McIver still friends!

Slate is not as comfy as the couch.

So we had an exciting day and everyone slept very well.

By noon on Sunday, everyone was nice and dirty again...all is right with the world!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Very Special Birfday

Mamma has been sick so this post is LATE. Her pay will be docked accordingly.

Our dearest Lucy celebrated her 3rd Birfday this weekend. Lucy is a rescue so with the help of our veterinarian, we were able to determine that she was born sometime in February. Since she is a little lovebug, Mamma and Daddy decided to celebrate her birfday every year on VALENTINES DAY!!

This year they took Lucy all by herself on an outing. She went to the Petsmart to pick out a toy and to the Barkery to get everyone some treats for her pawty. Here are the pictures from her very special day!

I gots the truck ALL TO MYSELF!!!

Mamma, Lucy and her birfday stuff

Daddy and Lucy

Yummy birfday treats for the pack.

Lucy enjoys her birfday collar and treat.

Some birfday scritches for Lucy's full birfday belly!
It was a fun day for Lucy. She felt really special. Lucy is a really good sisfur and we all love her very much.

Happy 3rd Birfday Lucy!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just a Little Something to Keep You Warm...

We thought we'd share some of our "warmer" pictures from last summer. We look forward to many days at the lake this summer. And this year, McIver will be with us!

Lucy isn't really a swimmer, like most boxers. Actually she looks like she is having a seizure when she swims. She does, however, enjoy floating with her Daddy.
Lucy learning to float with Daddy. Cute Booty!

Nikki says, "Whew! Thank goodness I saved you from drowning Mamma!"

"How does this work Daddy?"

Calhoun isn't a swimmer but he wades in the water and digs in the sand.

Bubba (AKA Calhoun) on the beach

Nikki and Lucy having fun in the sun!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day Trip to NC Mountains

Hi all! For those of you in the blizzard, we hope you stay warm, cuddly and safe!

We thought we'd share some pictures from our mountain drive on Saturday. We had beautiful weather here. Initially, Mamma and Daddy wanted to hike BUT due to my bad knees, I don't like to hike very far. Mamma REALLY wanted me to go so we did a driving tour with some breaks. These are from the Cashiers-Highlands area of NC- about an hour and a half north of our house.

Calhoun is ready to go.

McIver is also ready.

Lucy's serious face and Nikki at the ready

Gassing up... hehehe... no really we were getting gas.

frozen mountains

Bridal Veil Falls

the water fall above Bridal Veil- Mamma forgot the name...

Daddy with his girl- Juicy Lucy is chunky!

Is everyone in?

What's next?

Lucy is tired.

McIver says, "Dude, I think I am gonna puke?"

No joke- poor McIver has had car sickness since he was a puppy. He has overcome it for the most part. Unfortunately Daddy's driving in the mountains was just too much. He threw up 3 times and every time, I  tried to climb in the front seat. YUCK!! 

Mamma Heartbeat here...We have ordered seatbelts for the boys but they haven't arrived yet.