Tuesday, March 6, 2012

McIver Update and a "SQUEEE!!!"

So I saw McIver the other day. He is being a super good guard dog at "his" farm. He also has learned a new skill.... GOAT HERDING!!!

Apparently, he helps our friend, Julie, keep the goats at bay so she can put out their feed. It seems McIver has also developed a taste for the goat feed so he has to practice keeping his head out of the feed bucket!!

He is still HUGE and happy. And I still love him to pieces- just like he loves me right back!

So what's that you ask? Why were you at the farm? Oh just to visit 18 day old German Shepherd Puppies...

Do you think puppies make me happy?
AND YES internet people- all 7 smell of sweet puppy breath! This little doll has high hopes to be a service dog one day. His half-siblings are already having much success helping families of autistic children! Go to www.dogsforautism.org or find us on Facebook for more information... and puppy pics!!