Monday, November 29, 2010

We're Back!! And Waiting...

Hi everyone! The Heartbeats are back... finally! After we all got...duh, duh, duh- BATHS yesterday, we decided to catch up on all our blog reading. Despite Calhoun's enthusiasm, we are still working on that.

"That Mango- he just cracks me up!"

Then, Momma decided to take our Christmas pictures...




Some are better than others but that's okay. Momma is sure to take many, many more!

Now we are waiting patiently on Santa.

Calhoun and McIver keep an eye on the door for any signs of Santa.

Calhoun sets his "Santa Trap".
Lucy sums up our Thanksgiving Holiday!

We'll be around as fast as we can! We missed you all!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

Lipstick Happens ...But So Does Grace: Why I Blog

I decided to write this post because I am disturbed. There appears to be turmoil in Blogville and I don't like it.

I decided to start blogging because it is an outlet. An outlet I don't have at my job or at my gym or anywhere else in my life. I love my animals and I could talk about them non-stop. Unfortunately, most people don't want to hear THAT much about my dogs & cats. Even my parents are over the dog stories.

Also, in Blogville, I've found people that share my other passions such as animal rights, animal healthcare, training, and rescue among others. I've also found people that have a deeper than normal compassion for animals. Being from the south, I don't get too much support when I publicly question my legislators about weak dogfighting legislation for example. On Blogville, my feelings and concerns are validated and I don't feel like such a bleeding heart!

I never thought I'd be a part of something like Power of the Paw. When Calhoun had eye surgery, I was a WRECK at work. No one cared or even understood why I would fork out that kind of money for a SPECIALIST to perform surgery on *gasp* a dog! I wish I'd had the Power of the Paw to reassure me. I will probably never meet any of you but I know that you know how I feel. It's nice to not feel alone.

And Blogville is rarely 100% serious. We all love our animals and the silly things they do. And the silly things us humans do for them! I mean really, where is our dignity!?! LOL! I mean we give our dogs these personas and accents which are great! We are able to do this because we know our dogs and cats so well that we are convinced that they would have this accent or feel this way about such and such.

This is just one example of Blogville meanness, someone criticized Shawnee the Shepherd ( I think it was Shawnee...) for the way she talks. Why, why, why would anyone actually take the time to send such a ridiculous comment? Of course Shawnee talks like that! Look at her- she's precious! Love you Shawnee! Her blog is ADORABLE!

While none of the blogs I follow are truly controversial, some of our blogs might be more controversial than others. I am not perfect, my animals aren't perfect. This post may in fact open me up to criticism, I don't know. The truth is that it doesn't matter to me. My purpose is not to offend. My purpose is to find camaraderie and understanding. If you don't like it, don't read it. It really is that simple. I mean really though, Heaven Forbid, we read something outside of our comfort zone and accidentally learn something new or laugh at something inappropriate (ahem- Mango's lipstick heehee, Puddles beer wreath, the list goes on and on).

I read a profound bumper sticker on the way home from work the other day. "GRACE HAPPENS". Grace has many definitions. Obviously, there is the heavenly definition. Then there is the definition that describes a disposition to kindness and compassion. My grandmother taught me the importance of grace. I am not always gracious or graceful. But I strive to be better. I know we are all capable of it because I see it in the way you care for your animals.

So I propose we start a new group or badge or whatever called Grace Happens. By placing this badge on your blog, you pledge to be kind and compassionate to other bloggers.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Thank You, a Rock and a Birthday

Well, dis was a busy weekend fo' sho'!

First of all a big ol' "Thank You" to Mango for a pressie. I was El'bow's pick in the Be Like Mango contest. I was so excited, I ALMOST stood up. Well I did but then I got sleepy.... Thanks Mango! I really like my stuffie and the card. The stuffie will not become a group toy as it is MY stuffie.
And also, thank you to El'bow for appreciating my Mangoness.

Next, a shout out to our friend Booker! For his birfday, he went to a place near us- Table Rock State Park. We like to hike there a lot. Momma & Daddy got married there last year. Below is a picture of me and Momma on the same rock dat Booker got his picture made on.  

And FINALLY, we celebrated a BIG milestone here on Saturday. Momma's nephew, Liam, celebrated his very FIRST birthday. Liam is the son of Momma's little brother. He's really cute. He has red hair and blue eyes! I met him when he was just a pup! He smelled funny.

Liam has 2 older puppy siblings- Jack Russell Terriers. Hoon (girl) and I were REALLY good friends until they got Hartford (boy). He isn't much on playing with other dogs. He's annoying. Liam is the first grandchild on Momma's side so he's very S-P-O-I-L-E-D. Kinda like me... Momma got him a tricycle but I think that took away too much NOM money. You can see he is nomming on his bday cake. I hope she don't get any ideas about little babies... That would interupt my sleep...

Anywho- it's chilly so I am gonna take a nap in a sunbeam.


Monday, November 1, 2010


This post reminds me of the joke about how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop!

Well how many outtakes does it take to get memorable pics of your 4-legged lovables on Halloween?


AWW! The family minus the cats who were enjoying a catnip high...

Calhoun... the Great Pumpkin

Nikki- the Angel... (please be aware of lightning strikes. hehe.)

Lucy- G. I. Jane: she has to be a tough dog since she's the smallest!

McIver- our little devil. These costumes never fit quite right.

Those are acutally the costume horns but they look like his ears!!

Then Momma and Daddy enjoyed this...