Monday, November 8, 2010

Thank You, a Rock and a Birthday

Well, dis was a busy weekend fo' sho'!

First of all a big ol' "Thank You" to Mango for a pressie. I was El'bow's pick in the Be Like Mango contest. I was so excited, I ALMOST stood up. Well I did but then I got sleepy.... Thanks Mango! I really like my stuffie and the card. The stuffie will not become a group toy as it is MY stuffie.
And also, thank you to El'bow for appreciating my Mangoness.

Next, a shout out to our friend Booker! For his birfday, he went to a place near us- Table Rock State Park. We like to hike there a lot. Momma & Daddy got married there last year. Below is a picture of me and Momma on the same rock dat Booker got his picture made on.  

And FINALLY, we celebrated a BIG milestone here on Saturday. Momma's nephew, Liam, celebrated his very FIRST birthday. Liam is the son of Momma's little brother. He's really cute. He has red hair and blue eyes! I met him when he was just a pup! He smelled funny.

Liam has 2 older puppy siblings- Jack Russell Terriers. Hoon (girl) and I were REALLY good friends until they got Hartford (boy). He isn't much on playing with other dogs. He's annoying. Liam is the first grandchild on Momma's side so he's very S-P-O-I-L-E-D. Kinda like me... Momma got him a tricycle but I think that took away too much NOM money. You can see he is nomming on his bday cake. I hope she don't get any ideas about little babies... That would interupt my sleep...

Anywho- it's chilly so I am gonna take a nap in a sunbeam.



  1. Cool swag you go there! I'd keep it to myself too! Yes, mom can go see other peoples little peoples but they can't bring any home...the kitties and I agree on this!!

  2. How khool!

    That is a pawesome prize!

    The human puppy is khutie! I khan see why he's so spoiled - Mom says that is a khool name too -

    As fur Jack Russell TERRORS...


  3. What a super terrific prize pressie! I think it's okay that you're gonna keep it all to yourself. Cuz YOU did win it afterall without any helps from anybuddy else.

    That little bean is cute! I can tell he had a Most Tasty birthday!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  4. My dad was cute like that once when he was a little bean! Those babies are like walking treat dispensers. They're always dropping good stuff to eat around the place, but I wouldn't want to live with one. I like my naps, too!


  5. calhoun!
    first like, big gratsers on your prize pressie from mango! i think must of us have a special toy that we don't let anybuddy else play with, so i think it's totally okie dokie for you to make your prize stuffie your own special toy. :)
    second like, thanks bunches 'n tons for the birthday wishes! how spiffy is it that we both have our pic on the same hooge rock at table rock! i explained to miss puddles and now i will explain to you that my mama is a LAZY PANTS. pretty please don't be grumpy with me for not arrangin' a meet 'n greet. mama didn't decide where we were goin' until friday, so that's her TOTALLY LAME-O EXCUSE for not lettin' ya'll know. i cross my heart that i won't let it happen again!!
    third like, happy happy 1st birthday to the liam pup!!! i love that he is uber hands on with the cake. teeheehee!

    the booker man

  6. Wow! Congrats on such a great weekend!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  7. Aaaaaack...Liam is precious! Yea, I knws how them little hoomans takes aways da monies!
    I already had to lay into da Booker fur not payin' me a visit while he was so close by...hehehe...he mighta been skeered to come see me.
    Email me if you still haves da addy, please.


  8. Calhoun,

    Yay fur you and all your MangoNess! Great pressies from him too. :) Happy Birfday to dat cutie patootie Liam!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  9. Presents are the best! I loves getting presents, and I don't blame you ones bit for not making it a group toy!

    Lucy Lou

  10. I is with you - the little peeples be OK as long as they not living in the same howse with me. They be way too lowd.

  11. "take a nap in a sunbeam" ? That is so precious. I just read your legal disclaimer and was really impressed. I too have a nephew who has red hair named Liam. You guys are full of good stuff. Keep it coming.

  12. I hope you enjoy your toy in true mastiff fashion. That would be to sit in front of the picture box whilst your humans are watching a dumb movie and just chomp on the toy so it goes HONK HONK HONK. Pretneding to have a glazed and idiotic look on your face helps too.