Friday, February 25, 2011

For Our Slobbery Friends...

Mamma Heartbeat here...

So those of us with pups that are slobbery than most, I thought I would share the deposit. I know you all know what I am referring to.

Calhoun is outside chewing sticks and digging holes. He just does what dogs do and comes inside, walks down the hall to scope out the house and shakes "IT" off.

muddy slobber deposit

Not to be found until a few hours later after it has dried.

I am pretty much over the gross factor and have come to admire the height that he is able to get sometimes.

"Wow, Cal, I think this one's a record!"

High gloss paint, a little 409 and a washcloth and we're good to go!

Close-up muddy slobber

Sometimes, he gets your clothes though.

In all honesty, it's just best to let it dry and flake it off later.

There was a time when this would've been disgusting to me... but I don't really remember.
I absolutely ADORE big slobbery dogs. They are the BEST!


  1. ha! I pray I never have to get used to dog slobber! I love the different breeds, though. Most especially boxers!

    Happy tails!
    Stumpy and her bean

  2. LOL! Love it! Glad to know that we aren't the only ones who have those marks on our walls, and ceilings, and doors..and floors:)

  3. You'd like Maggie Mae- she is a slobbery girl :) When she comes to my house she leaves all over- my mom thinks its pretty cute too! Strange...

  4. It's so strange how love can change what's important to us :-)

  5. I'm not a slobbewy dog, but Mommi and I love all of them..that's what watew was invented's easy enuff to clean and the wondewfulness of having them soo outweighs a little have the pawfect attitoode
    smoochie kisses on those soft lips

  6. Sometimes on the weekends I take a good look at myself while waiting at the grocery store or some such and realize how gross my dog clothes must look to the outside world. One becomes accustomed to it. Nice fling radius on the door jamb.

    Mango Momma

  7. We grew up with Bassethounds, and I think I just take it for granted that our dogs aren't slobber-ers. Though I agree, slobbering dogs are the cutest!

  8. WHOA! Now THAT is Most Impressive! I don't slobber but mom says I'm REALLY good at the drooly thing.

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. Please tell Calhoun that I don't think his kittehs are out to kill him. When they sleep on top of your head, it means they LUV you. At least, that's what mine told me.

  9. I have no slobbery dogs (thank goodness), but my sister has two Boxers. They've never quite left such impressive slobber deposits as Calhoun's though. Nice work, buddy!

    Elyse and Riley

  10. You destroy Calhoun's artwerk with Formula 409? Wot if'n Peecaso's mom had donned that to his artwerk? You will nefur know if Calhoun could be famuss if'n you dussn't leave his artwerk hanging.

  11. I'm glad I'm not a slobbery dog, but I have to admire Calhoun's talents!


  12. Haaa!
    Good one, right?
    There was a time when my mom would not do all the things she does for me now!
    The thought of furs in her clothes, picking poo, cleaning pee, the ocassional puck.... nah! She does not remember those times, either!
    Happy weekend to all of you!
    Kisses and hugs

  13. I just did a post about slobber a couple of weeks ago! I don't mind it one bit, I actually think it's kinda funny! Even on freshly painted walls, newly scrubbed floors, and just shined car windows...

  14. Good to meet you, too!! I'm so accustomed to slobber, i wear it more often than perfume! Go figure. Thanks for visiting and following us.

  15. Oh man... i'll take a slobbery dog anyday over, well, over anything...

    that's impressive! when we built our home in CA, we had the painter use "satin" finish on the flat walls and they're like "WTF? Why?" ... so i can wipe 'em easily from doggie crust! duh...

    re: insomnia: i don't have the answers. i wish i did. i simply removed ALL stress, including work. prior to my accident, i was "super person" and had a consulting business, was racing a bike, remodeling a home AND building a new home (plus we had 1 or 2 dogs). post head injury, none of it was possible for me. and sleep was just... well the symptom of doing too much. i could have easily burned out had i not had a head injury. the head injury just sort of stopped me from keeping going so busily. i think it was one of those things that hit at the wrong time in my life.

    i think removing ALL stress (including work) is probably a good solution, but it's not practical for most people. i think i'm just super lucky i can do it now for a bit. so i guess my advice would be to remove all stress not impractical, and remove all OBLIGATORY stresses too. meaning, don't do anything you feel obliged to do unless you want to do it and it is not perceived as an action item, thing to accomplish or has a deadline...

    other than that, i don't have the answers. Insomnia is a scary thing and i will never question anyone who's had a head injury or stressful event ever again. (not that i ever did in the first place, but now more than ever...i won't try to not understand it.)

    btw: Mr. Wild Dingo is ex-navy and flew P3s in pre-gulf war (iran-iraq). we're way older than you!