Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Husky needs a home!

My dear friend, Julie, rescued this guy the other day. He is living in our Dogs for Autism kennels with several German Shepherds. Julie has years of training under her belt and really likes this guy but he really needs a proper forever home. Below is her description and some pictures. 

Neutered male, under 1 year old. Red and white. Has been very gentle with all people and all animals so far. No microchip. I found him on the road trying to get killed in traffic. He had a ratty collar on and apparently had been tied up with a wad of hay twine that he'd broken loose from and gotten away. He was skin & bones--and very worried that somebody was going to be mean to him--submissive crouching, etc. I would guess his age at about 10 months, based on the incomplete state of his molars.
We have been calling him Juneau.

Please share with anyone you can think of. This boy needs a home!


  1. He is sooo handsome. And he seems so sweet. I hope he gets his forever home.

  2. Oh I forgot to ask where is he located?

  3. What a handsome guy! I hope he finds a grreat home soon.

  4. Have you all contacted a husky rescue? We'd be happy to foster if he could get a transport out here but I'm guessing there's one closer to you guys. Let us know. darchellerwebster (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. Hope he is guided to a great home.

    Have you reported him to your animal shelter? Some of my collars look ratty because of the way they play. Someone may be looking for him. Most rescues will not accept him before he has been through the legal hoops of an animal shelter. Some shelters even let him stay with you while they do what they have to do.

    After that, check with Southern Siberian (Raleigh) and Blue Ridge (Asheville), both great Siberian Husky rescues.

  6. Wow what a pretty dog and I love the colors. His teeth are nice and white, he looks young. I hope he finds his forever home.

  7. I hope that Juneau finds a home. My new girl, Shyla, was doing a similar crouching thing all the time when she first arrived. It's amazing how far a dog can come with some love. I hope and pray that Juneau gets that chance.

  8. Gosh what a beauty! I am certain it won't take long for him to find a home.

  9. Hello there.
    Thanks for coming over and visiting our blog. We love making new friends.
    We actually live in the UK, the country where health and safety has gone mad.... Think we pass on your tip about the duct tape. hee hee.

    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Taffy

  10. Hellllllloo! Watch out for that dog...he is NOT a social dog. He tried to attack our neighbors also.
    Yea, the verdict. Honestly, I don't think he intentionally killed her but he didn't do anything to help her either. Does that make sense?


  11. Very handsome smiling guy. I hope he finds a place to feel safe and settle down.

  12. OH My goodness! Juneau! of course that is after my own heart having a GIRL SIBE named Juno. I'm going post on FB for you and your friend, Julie. So weird, Julie who rescued Juneau and Julie who rescued Juno! weird. (cue twitlight zone music)

    he's adorable. these dogs are amazing. because they have SUCH GREAT dispositions with people and dogs. They REALLY just need to run/work tho in order to keep destructive habits down (chewing, escaping etc.) if they work regularly, OMG, the best dogs. the best.

    sad because lazy people want pretty "alaskan dogs' but don't do good by them. so sad. hope he gets a home!