Monday, September 27, 2010

Sneaky Shot and McIver Update

Daddy got dis shot of Momma! I can't believe she lets dat ratty cat sleep on her head AND I have to sleep on da floor on my bed! She says he feels warm and comforts her with his purring!! Whatever! How about my tootin'? That'll keep you warm too!

Anyway, McIver looks like a big doofus wif dis hat on his head! He got like 8 or 10 stitches. Daddy thinks me or Nikki scratched him even though our nails are trimmed. Lalalalala I'll never tell. Daddy said he tried to eat the V-E-T at first. Then Daddy made him wear a muzzle (what a baby). After they stitched him up, he jumped off the table wif tail wags and tried to love everybody!

Unfortunately wif dis cone, nothing in the house is safe. McIver keeps running into stuff! Nikki, Lucy and me are terrified by it so we run from McIver but he doesn't get it. Oh well, we's having fun wif it!

Momma tried to get pictures of his ouchie BUT McIver wouldn't lay still. It doesn't show up too well anyway AND it's GROSS!

In summary people, McIver is doing just fine and taking his meds as prescribed. I am feeling very much jealous of all the special attention dat he is receiving. I tried limping yesterday but den I forgots I was supposed to be limping and my cover was blown!
I didn't even do it long enough to get yogurt. ARGH!
Licks and Love,


  1. Ah Calhoun, McIver will lose the cone of shame soon and then all will be right with the world...
    Well, except for that cat on mom's head thingy.. that is NOT right. I agree that having YOU around her head tooting your Warm Reguards... would be much more enjoyable for her. Silly peep. What is with her.

  2. Calhoun you are tooooooo funny. We loved the first paragraph about the ratty cat on Mom's head. We hope McIver is feeling better each day. So no one is fessing up to what cause the injury??!! Don't ask don't tell!!!
    Madi and Mom

  3. Ratty cat... BOL! It is a cute picture even tho it IS a cat.

    Get well soon, McIver!!!!


  4. Awww, I likes the ratty cat picture! It's just full up of the cuteness.

    I'm glad McIver is feeling betters but I'm very much sorry abouts his cone of shame. I hopes I never have to wear one. It looks SKEERY!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  5. Awww! Poor MacIver! I hope his boo boo is healed up soon so you can go back to getting the attention you deserve!


  6. Glad to know McIver is doing well!
    That cone sure is dangerous!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  7. mciver! holy cow, you are one of the bravest doggies i know. you were a good boy at the V-E-T gettin' those stitchies in your booboo. i'm glad you are a-okay, and i sure hope your zipper heals up super fast like so you can ditch that cone! i hate those thingies!!

    the booker man

    pee s -- calhoun, dude, i'm so with you on the ratty kitty thingie. we doggies can do so much better at keepin' our hoomans warm with the toots! heehee.

  8. The kitties like to sleep on our mom's head too...I try to protekt her!!

    I had the cone of shame removed it when I almost took her out with it...those cones are bad! Boo!!

  9. Yikes! I just saw this post and that first photo is really disturbing. Actually, the cone monster is a bit disturbing too. Is halloween coming early at your estate?