Thursday, September 16, 2010

Calhoun: The Teacup Mango...

Silly people have always asked if Calhoun is a Mastiff. They are silly because while Calhoun is a big boy, he's only 80 lbs and only eats 1.5 cups of food twice a day. So I jokingly started calling him a "Teacup Mastiff". That usually gets a giggle.
Calhoun has many Mango-like features. I think we all recognize this look...

and this one...

and don't forget this one...

And now we get to the action shots....

All that action makes for one BUFF dog...

He exhibits his buffness in suitable sportwear when neccesary.

And he's very manly with his Mangoness except for two things...;-)
But that hasn't stopped him from doing this...

The picture below says alot about my friend, Calhoun. I mean besides the fact that he's really not a hat kinda guy. He likes to show off his buff manliness at the lake beach and the girls really like it until they get close up and notice his *gasp* lipstick!!! CALHOUN!!! PUT THAT AWAY!!!

Hats off to my little Bubba who puts up with Momma's foolishness everyday! He is a good sport!!


  1. I am rolling on the floor right now!!!
    OMD OMD OMD... those ACTION SHOTS!!!!
    Mercy.. those thingys had my eyeballs all in a twirl just TRYING to keep up with all that... um... Well, ACTION!!

  2. You might just be a little guy, but THAT FACE! All mastiff. Yuh, for sure. Super entry.


  3. A teacup mastiff! Teehee! That's Most Awesome! And yes - Calhoun just EXUDES Mango-ness!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  4. LMTO! Oh, Calhoun, that is a great entry! We salute your Mangoness, even if you are missing two things!


  5. Oh Calhoun! You are most handsome. My mom calls me a teacup rottweiler because I only weigh 85 pounds while my brothers weigh 105!! You are very Mango-like!!

  6. heeheehee! calhoun, aka "teacup mango", this is a super awesome entry! i love your action shots!!

    the booker man

  7. You are a most excellent teacup mastiff and I must say that 80 pounds is about perfect for mini misters such as ourselves. Our ma ape used to call Wally (who started our blog) a teacup Newfie. Apes are weird.


  8. Ha ha! He is awesome! I love his style and I love his moves. Keep up the good work on raising a great dog!

  9. OMG...Calhoun be having da exact same action shots as my brudder Albert. Yea, he gots two less thingamabobs too...hehehehe!
    Okays, you crack da Puddles up!
    Aren't you just ecited as all get out bout da brand spanking new Walmart...bwhahahahaha!


  10. Hey Calhoun!! Oh my cats thank you for dropping by to say hi to us. Mom and I love new friends and Mom is a SUCKER for a boxer bull. She was raised with one very special Boxie named Duke...he had a white star in the middle of his forehead. He was a big fellow too. Everytime she sees Boxers she smiles...Now she has me, Madi, the Diva cat and she still smiles...MOL

    Mom here. we have about 20 of the Madam A Countries of the World dolls, several storybooks and 4 or 5 baby dolls....they were my daughters...but I have them....
    Madi and Mom

  11. LOL! You are Mangos twin! :-)

    Licks of love,


  12. We loves the Teacup Mastiff bit. Especially since I am either a Teacup Great Pyrenees or an overgrown something. ~Fenris