Saturday, September 4, 2010

Entertainment: 4th installation

So below we have the patio door that screams, "LET ME IN!!!".

And yes, this door get pressure washed and repainted every year.


(sorry, I can't get blogger to upload it right side up.)

Used to look like this... (which is actually a horse toy by the way)

Lucy is our chewer. She chews like a little rat, bless her heart.

Daddy's socks are specially designed with love by Lucy.

And yes, we know which of the poops in the yard are Lucy's. She makes those with love as well.

This girl has intestines made of steel.

PLEASE BEWARE>>> The picture you are about to see is pure devastation.

This is what happens when Momma and Daddy *gasp* go out for sushi on Thursday night ...

Despite his tough exterior appearance, Calhoun is not one to hide his feelings...


  1. OH MY GOSH, our door looks JUST likes dat too...well, da mud ain't as high though...hehehe! It was outta pure love, I promise!


  2. Young puppies, avert your eyes!

    You have weapons of mass destruction there! lol

  3. Not a boring minute at home, right?
    Happy weekend!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. OH.MY.GOD! I don't feel so bad with my chewed up tv remotes, now.

  5. GREAT job on the door and cushion guys! You rock! We saw you over at Puddles place and had to rush right over cause we love boxers and shepherds at our place! And mom is a cat person too.

  6. We sometimes do make a mess like that on the door, but we are getting better at it. Mom says she is glad to report we haven't done that to the cushions and hopes we don't get any ideas.

    Tell your Dad he is welcome any time to try his craft on Phantom.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. Serious destruction on the bed there. Yoiks! Guess sushi is right out for now. I see many doorways with similar discoloration on my estate. Must be from PeeWee, right?