Friday, October 22, 2010

Why Momma Loves Sheppies...

So Momma loves us Boxer babies cuz we are lovable and snuggleable. For some reason she loves her Sheppies too! She says she likes their drive. I got drive too! I love to drive myself to da couch and snooze. I like to drive myself to da store and get some noms. I like to drive myself to da edge of da yard and bark at stuff.

Apparently it ain't da same?

Sheep are weird.

Licks and Wiggles,

P.S. Momma has been slack about posting but she's been reading all your blogs to us.


  1. We've seen that movie before. Looks like an awful lot of work and running about to me.


  2. OMD I gotted to do sheep hurding once afore when I woz at doggie summer camp and it woz way pawsome! Eggsept fur I pulled a muscle on the furry furst day so there woz no more sheep hurding for me at camp. Boo.

  3. Oh my, i've seen herding and some performances before, but this one... my mouth was agap catching flies. WOW!