Friday, October 29, 2010

What's In a Name?

So Mayzie wanted to know about efurrybody's names...

Calhoun was Calhoun when he was 4 weeks old but for a minute before that, his name was ANGUS!!!

Lucy was Shelby before we picked her up that fateful night in September. I like Shelby (Steel Magnolias) but not for Lucy.

McIver was born as part of the "M" litter of potential service dogs . The group that sponsored the litter wanted to name all the pups after families, streets, etc that were prominent to our local city.

Nikki's full registered name is Le Femme Nikkita. So dark and perfect for a black German Shepherd!

Harry didn't have a name because he just wandered up to my uncle's farm. Lilly came from a rescue but I don't truly remember her name. I think it was Pearl or something. Whatever it was, didn't fit...


  1. Duncan's name was Duncan at the shelter, and mom and dad like it!

    I was going to be Ada, but then mom thought of a coworker she didn't care for that was named that, so they decided on Annabelle aka Anna!!

  2. I think you all ended up with perfect names! We all have the names we came with, except Lilac, whose name was Line. Mom said that saying "Line no" all the time got pretty hard to do, so they changed it a little.

    Bunny, aka Bank on Benefit

    P.S. Nikki, thank you for your wise woofs to Morgan! I'm not sure that she realized that not only did she almost take a few years off Mom's life, but that Mom was tempted to take a few off hers, as well!

  3. Thanks fur sharing those!

    Khyra and The Golden Khousins

  4. You all have your Most Pawfect names, for sure! I can't imagine you all being called anything else.

    Wiggles & Wags,