Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Some pictures for you!

So we've been absent. Thanks to our Mamma and her busy-ness. Oh well, she's bringin' home noms I guess... Anyway, we thought we'd share these pics from a couple of years ago.

This was a 12 mile hike that I did with Mamma and Daddy at Raven Cliffs Falls area- near Caesars Head. This was the craziest hike EVER cuz it rained and stormed while we hiked. We could hear trees falling around us. And the trail was super hard- like rock climbing scary stuff. I totally did it best. Mamma and Daddy were both really scared but they didn't say anything until we got back to the car!

The fact that they worked together to get us safely through this hike helped them realize they should get married!!! I thought me and Mamma were already married but apparently this means more than snuggling on the couch. Oh how I long for those days of being Mamma's only true love...but I digress.

Enjoy the pics and I am totally keeping an eye out for the Charcoals. I hear they committed a recent A Salt and Bunnery...

with mushroom things...

This spider is scary.

Mamma is scary too!

Mamma took these pics...

This place is called the Cathedral & was totally freaky.

SHAWNEE- this is me on a bridge...

THIS bridge!!

that looks out at this!!!

and this...

AND here is our trail friend...is GEICO hiring?


  1. Hello sweet fwiends
    I'm glad even though youw Mom is busy , you put up these booptiful photos. It's nice to have youw Mom all to youwself, but how wondewful to be pawt of such a big loving family
    smoochie kisses

  2. Well as long as your mommy keeps bringing home noms you are good :)
    wow that hike looked awesome! I wish i could do more hiking with Fred but he is too reactive these days on a leash to go hiking anymore :( Great pics!

  3. What a great place for a hike! And Mom's not scary - we think she is cute:)

    Thunder likes the looks of that lizard.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder,and Ciara

  4. What a great hike!

    As fur busy moms - I SOOOOO know that one again!

    I guess I got spoiled having her all to myself fur sixteen months - but it is nice to ship her off again!


  5. OMD OMD... you were waaaaaay out in the wildie when a STORM came up??? SCARY fur sure. And speaking of scary.. I would never EVER have gotten my mom across THAT horror that they call a bridge. She wouldn't have even crawled over it!!! How ever did you manage???
    Good that you are keeping your eyes peeled fur Charcoals!!!
    Hey... my cussin Sarge has about 87 million of those lizzy thingys around his house. I'll see if his mom will take some pics... just fur YOU.

  6. That sounds like one exciting adventure! I think it would be fun, well, all of it except getting rained on. Shawnee will be so impressed when she reads about this one! We went hiking this weekend and Dad and Morgan saw a snake in the water while they were in there.


  7. I would have been so scared on a hike like dat. My short legs never would have made it. And, trees falling??? Nope, I stay home, thank you.

  8. Oh. My. Dog. I is typing with one paw coz I has the udder paw ofur my eyes coz I cannot even look at the pikshure of that skeery bridge. You do be so brave to walk ofur that with your paws. Yikes. And I can tell you rite now mom would has been crawling ofur on her hands and knees. That in itself would has been rilly skeery.

  9. Pawesome pictures!
    Thanks for sharing them!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. Wow! Those are beautiful pictures and what a wonderful hiking adventure!

  11. Aaaaaack...my mum seen you yesterday!!!!!! You was in a white Toyota I thinks. My mum had a feeling it was you, then hers was embarrassed cuz her had on her NON-public jacket and a sweatshirt, shorts, and pants on...hehehehe!
    Oh and whatevers you do...DO NOT GO NEAR da new Wal-Mart today!

    Ya'll is just plain insane to goes overs dat bridge!
    I assumed your mom and dad was married...if they has decided toget married then Congrats! And I wants to be da flower girl.


  12. WOW! Lookit that hike! It was SOOOO beautiful but it sounds SOOOOOO skeery! I'm glad everybuddy made it through okay and that it made your mom and dad decided to gets married! And what a very good story it makes now.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  13. I've missed you guys... Thanks for the fun hike pictures. That looks really relaxing, so even though I'm stuck at work, I'm getting a mental hike! lol!

    PS... Every time I look at my Duke I think of Calhoun! They could be twins!

  14. I've miss you too!
    You are very brave to go on that long scary hike. I'm terrified of heights, so some of these pics got me a bit jittery just looking at them.
    The "married" thing was very cute ;)

  15. oh wow oh wow oh wow!! that raven cliffs falls place looks really super spiffy! i need to woof about this to my mama and daddy cuz we haven't been there yet for hikies. that bridge is way tall 'n kinda scary, though. i would maybe have to wear a blindfold for that part. heehee. ;)

    the booker man

  16. Boy that looks like a scary bridge, what a fantastic hike to go on! Nice to meet you, Dexter & Louis x

  17. Gecko!! Love, love, LOVE chasing them!

    Woofs & hugs,