Wednesday, March 16, 2011

For Our Sibe Friends...

The Iditarod 2011 has been won by a native Alaskan. How exciting!

Mamma and I watched a show on Animal Planet about this insanity. We are very curious about the preparation of such a race and all the logistics of dropping dogs and caring for dogs during the race. We saw the mushers making beds of hay at check points during rests. And the dogs appear to be well-cared for and enjoying their task.

So our question is very open and general... HOW in the world do you care for a team of dogs on the go?

AND are the dogs comfy and warm?

Maybe some of our Sibe friends can help us learn more.

This is for The Thundering Herd


THAT is a bed!

I hope no one mistakes me for an agile sled dog.

'cuz I HAVE been working out...


  1. That is the cutest thing ever! Lookin' buff and all!

  2. Hmmmm. If'n that be me howling when mom takes my sisses fur walkies, mebbe I had better change from my sibe WOOWOOOWOOWOOWOO to more of a beagle AROOOOOOOOOOO lest I be mistaken fur a sibe and has to sleep on THAT bed. Ugh. 'Sides I be highly allergenic to hay, fur real.

  3. We would live to see the race how exciting. Congratulations to the winner
    Benny & Lily

  4. Interesting question... What if they have to Pee or something.

    I don't think you would end up hooked to a sled... Not quite enough FURS fur that.

  5. I'm amazed and awestruck by the athletes that participate in the iditarod! And I love the no parking sign!

  6. you know, i have one of those sibe sled dogs and i STILL don't have those answers EITHER! crazy. but they are very special. i've never seen a dog so utterly driven, independent, smart, social and playful... great breed. i will always love the sibe. always. (ok i love all doggies...) but having accidentally adopted a sibe w/o meaning to, has opened my eyes to who they are and made me appreciate them.

  7. I has no answer cuz I is just a badger huntin' doxie but, them Sibes amaze me! Not only is they beautifuls but they seem to haves strength dat I can't even mind, body and spirit.
    Da story of Balto still sends cold chills up my spine.


  8. Well, most of the dogs that run in the Iditarod are not Siberian Huskies, but are Alaskan Huskies because Alaskans are faster than Siberians. If you want to read about a team of Siberians who have raced in the Iditarod (though not this year), follow this blog - .

    In a race like the Iditarod, the musher is not allowed to have extra human help (except for veterinarians who check for the dog's health). Thus, when they camp, the dogs burrow down in the straw and fall asleep quickly, but the mushers prepare the meals, change booties, massage muscles, apply paw ointment, etc. Thus, the dogs are better fed and rested than the humans (as it should be).

    Most importantly, a dog will not pull that is not happy and healthy (and you can't push a dog sled), so keeping that team happy is paramount. The most common reason mushers scratch a race is because the dogs were not having fun. We love how Lance Mackey stops in view of the finish line so he can hug and thank each of his dogs - regardless of what place he finishes a race.

    Hope that helps.

  9. huskies are just bewootiful inside and out and talking about bewooty we see you all muscle guy and stuffs wooo wooo . great pecs there

    happy st patricks day
    pibble sugars
    the pittie pack

  10. The Thundering Herd summed it up very well, and Karen Ramstead (the link he provided) is one to watch. We are also mushers, although we do not race. We have a kennel of 22 Siberians and Alaskans and provide dogsled tours in northern lower Michigan. Mushing is not a sport, it is a way of life. It's all about the dogs.

  11. Those sled dogs are painted with a different brush if you ask me. They are all about big adventures and roughing it. Not for dogs such as yourself. You are a buff gym rat.


  12. Good questions - I used to think the race was cruel, pushing dogs too hard for sport. Until I actually saw sled dogs working. They LOVE it! Absolutely live for it. There's a beauty in doing the very thing you're meant to do.

  13. I love that sign, by the way. I may have to dog a bit of online hunting for that one ;)