Tuesday, March 22, 2011

McIver's New Friend

Many of you know McIver and his story. He had 5 human friends and when one passed away, that left him with 4. McIver loves us and has no use for anyone else. When we have friends over, their STRICT instructions are to ignore McIver. Our dear friend J has known McIver since we first became his puppy raisers when he was 12 weeks old. As you'll recall, McIver turned 2 in October. I am PLEASED to announce that McIver suddenly accepted J as his newest human friend.

Daddy and J have been friends since high school where they were wrestlers. Now they train together as kickboxers and as mixed-martial-artists. The UFC had a fight Saturday night so J came over to watch and ended up sleeping on the couch. Sunday morning I let the dogs back in after their morning potty break and McIver made a beeline for J!! He proceeded to snuggle and KISS J! Despite all of our shock, I managed to get a few pictures!!

Belly scratches from J!

Gimme that chin!
It just proves that McIver really is the dog I think he is!

Definitely one of those moments that makes me glad to be McIver's Mamma!

J must be good people if he passed McIver's 2 year test!!


  1. I really think that McIver will grow up to love people. When I found my Buddy, he was seven, and really, really hated men. Someone had hurt him and abandoned him. It took a couple of years, but he grew to love everyone, especially one friend (male) and my dad. Don't give up hope!

  2. Whew! I thought he may have had a girl friend...not that I would be jealous or anything, but ummm...I'm glad it's a dude named J. ;)

  3. Anudder milestone for McIver. And give dat guy anudder belly rub. :o)

  4. McIver just has his own timetable... Yay!!

  5. You can never be too picky about who you call friend!

  6. McGiver is very smart - he knows whom he wants for his friends:)

    Congrat to J on winning him over.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. How awesome!! We also had a great experience like this i've been meaning to share with everyone on my blog. I totally understand the excitement over this new friend. Nyxie being as selective as she is, her outside of family friends are few and far between (er...3, actually)
    Congrats, and yes, J must be good people!

  8. Good going McIver!!! I think you are wise to be careful and cautious. Butt When you make up your mind... let it be WELL KNOWN!!!

  9. I remember McIver's story...this is huge progress for him. I can imagine you are so excited!

  10. Tee hee! Morgan is just as relieved as Anna, maybe even more so!

    Perhaps MacIver just turned a corner, or maybe J had some bacon he forgot in his pocket!


  11. Oh, that is SO very Most Wonderful! I think McIver is pretty smart to check out peoples for awhile first to make sure that they're A-OK. You just can never be too careful, you know.

    Wiggles & WAgs,

  12. That is wonderful news! Good for you for believing so much in him!

  13. I believe he can overcome his fear/dislike of people too! When I rescued Spike, he had a love for me mainly, as his momma and rescuer and accepted my family where we stayed for the first month I had him. Everyone else was evil, to him. But, time, patience, work and Spike has turned out to be the gem I knew he could be- he's a registered Therapy Dog now, for goodness sake! WHO KNEW!?!? Sometimes, it just takes time, love and patience to allow them to become the dog they really are!

    Keep on going, McIver will get there!!

    Jen and the Black Dog Crew