Friday, December 30, 2011

The News & An Award

Thanks for tuning in again. I suppose we shall start with the not so good news and go on to the best news.

A few weeks ago, Mamma was trimming my nails and since I hate that I put my mouth on her hand. APPARENTLY, McIver thought I was biting her so he tried to KILL ME and I tried to kill him back! Mamma tried to break us up but we were too much for her and she got bit 3 times- forearm, wrist and knee. We didn't mean to bite her! She got in the way! She finally broke us up with a broom. She was crying and talking about her hands being numb and her forearm possibly broken from my powerful, manly jaws. Anyways, it was REAL bad. Mamma called the DFA program director where we got McIver, you know. She came rushing over. Mamma said she couldn't handle us both since she's alone now and Julie agreed, after pointing out the bloody handprint on the broom closet. So Julie decided she would take McIver back and he would be the "protection dog" for her 10 acre farm. The previous "protection dog" was McIver's Mom but she's like 12 now and needs to retire. So, in summary, the bad news is McIver doesn't live with us anymore. Mamma is real sad because she loves him to pieces and now she doesn't have a running partner. She will get to see him anytime she wants though. Of course, I don't see why it is that sad because I am the center of Mamma's world again! Yay!

So I guess I'll turn it over to Ma for the rest of the post...


Hi everyone! Mamma Heartbeat here for...

the GOOD NEWS...

We were given an award by Jill's Life. We've been following Jill's Life for quite some time. She is an amazing artist and animal lover. She lives in the beautiful NC mountains just a bit up the road from our house. Her dogs, Zippy and Smudge, are always entertaining. Sadly, she lost her beloved Bumble this year. She has a special love for Bully breeds and we are suckers for jowls and wrinkles too! We want to thank Jill for this special award.

The responsibilities of the Liebster Blog award are (1) To thank the person that gave you the award and link back to their blog.  (2) reveal your top five picks, with less than 200 readers, and let them know (3) copy and paste the award on your blog.  (4) Hope that the person giving it to you will keep it moving forward. 

I've been thinking about you to pass this award on to and frankly we aren't sure. We love all the blogs we read. Everyone contributes positively to Blogville in their own way. I think that we must share this award with Rottrover. They lost their beloved Gizmo in October and they, too, have an affection for the jowls and wrinkles. In a way, we feel this is to honor Bumble and Gizmo and all the families that have lost one of their beloved fur kids. Of course, most recently, Blogville has endured some losses. 

So on a more positive note, we'd like to say Happy New Year to everyone! 

As a tribute to my furkids, I want everyone to know that this has been an incredibly tough year for me personally and I NEVER could've gotten through it without my cats and dogs. They provided comfort when I didn't even realize I needed it. So here is a little video of me & Calhoun "making out"! 

Let's hope that 2012 proves to be much better than 2011. 


  1. Awwww...I'm sorry you and McIver got into a fight and McIver had to go live somewheres else. But it sounds like it's prolly for the best and I bet McIver's gonna be real happy in his new home and you gets your momma all to yourself. Yay!

    I hope your mom has a MUCH better year in 2012. We know lots of people who've had an icky 2011 and so we're hoping that all that bad gets left behind at midnight on December 31st!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  2. Boy, that sounded like a scary thing for all of you. Poor McIver was confused I am sure.

    But 10 acres sounds like a great place to get over missing you guys.

    My Vickie and I think your human did the best thing for all of you.

    Congrats on the award and we agree, Rotrover is a good recipient to pass it along to.

    Well wanted to wish you a Happy 2012.

    See ya next year. and we hope your humans arm, wrist and knee heal fast.

    Bert and My Vickie

  3. Wow...that's scary. We're so sorry everything turned out the way it did, but it's probably best. Like you can still visit whenever you want to.

    Best wishes for a wonderful New Year!

  4. Glad that McIver is in a good place and you are okay! Thanks for honoring Bumble and the kind words! I miss her so very much....

  5. Holy cows ya'll! I bets your momma was freakin' and peein' on her self. Ya'll should haves seriously let us haves known...we would haves been theres fur her. I am just so terribly sorry.
    But luckily, McIver is in a good home and he'll haves lots and lots of room to play.
    Thank goodness everybuddy was okays...except furs your momma's mental state.


  6. Congratulations on the award! I'm sorry to hear about McIver and your poor mom's injuries. I hope she healed up real quick and is feeling better by now. Tell her not to feel bad about McIver needing a different home. The first thing we learn in rescue is that there's a perfect home for every dog, and it's okay if you're not it! Your mom helped McIver find his perfect home, and that's what matters. Boxer kisses to her!

  7. WOWZERS!! Thanks for the award, and for remembering Gizmo. We miss him every day. We're sorry that McIver had to go to a new home, but we fully understand the difficulties associated with big, powerful male dogs. We wish you a wonderful 2012!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  8. Very tough situation, but you know, you have to do what is best for all involved.

    We hope 2012 will be a good year for all of you, especially Mom.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  9. We're so sad to hear about MacIver. We were afraid it was this news when there was no picture of him yesterday. I hope 2012 is a better year for your family!


  10. So sorry that this happened, but I agree, even tho you miss MacIver it is probably for the best. I wish you a very happy new year with all your 4 footed friends. They make all the difference.

  11. I am so very much sorry to hear that McIver had to move to another place.. butt it sounds just perfect fur him. Don't be sad fur him Calhoun... I think he will be VERY Much happy with the new role he will be playin.

    I am really sorry that your mom had the bad blood lettings thingy. I hope that she is OK.
    Congratulations on the cool award. That is just what you needed to Boost your spirits.

  12. Oh man! These things happen so fast and by the time you realize that it was a mistake, somebody has a bad boo boo. I have no doubt that McIver thought he was doing the right thing and then you thought you were doing what you had to do and then momma just wanted it to stop and what a mess! That is really sad that he had to find a new estate, but it sounds like he will be happy there.


  13. We are so very sorry to hear about Calhoun and McIver's rumble, but very grateful McIver has a loving home to move to. Hope neither boy was badly hurt in the melee. And Mama Heartbeat, we sure hope you SERIOUSLY scrubbed your bite wounds. Mama has been bitten twice; first time, the nurse scrubbed the wounds until mama liked to have died, but she got no infection. Second time, the ER failed to scrub [just rubbed some disinfectant stuff on the surface] and mama got a major infection. Anyway, sure hope you're feeling better. May 2012 be a LOT better than 2011.

    Jed & Abby

  14. I was sorry to read about Calhoun and MCIver and all that was related. Thank goodness that everyone will heal in time and that McIver has found a more peaceful place.

    Congratulations on your award!

    PS... I just saw the picture of your Lucy waiting outside of the shower. Either one or both of my boxers usually takes up camp outside of the shower curtain when I'm in there. Duke's favorite thing to do is lick the shower curtain!

  15. Sorry to hear McIver had to go to a new home, hope he's happy there. Hope your Mom isn't too badly hurt and heals up real quick.
    Congrats on the award and a Happy New Year to all.