Friday, February 15, 2013

Maybe not... and a happy birthday headlock

You can skip the words and get to the bday if you want!!

So last time I wrote, my mother had been told she had Alzheimer's... now we aren't so sure!

We visited the neurologist yesterday and he had better news... sort of... I guess.

My brother and I went with my parents which was good because it became very evident that my father has become somewhat of a crutch for my mother. I also realized that my father is getting older and more emotional as well. I suppose now is the time that the tides start to change. The future will require my brother and I taking a much stronger role in our parents life.

I'm pretty sure that by the time we left, the neurologist wanted to give all of us a brain wave test! Although it was a very serious reason that we were there, my family still laughed and cut up which was very comforting. My father cried twice which sucks, then my brother or I would crack a joke. We were all there to support my mother and determine the plan of action.

We all agree there is an issue and the neurologist feels it is one of three things:

1. Multiple Sclerosis which normally presents before age 40 but also causes confusion and other brain issues. These days MS is treated very well with fantastic medications.

2. Primary Progressive Aphasia which usually presents in men but is rather uncommon in either gender. PPA is a form of dementia that, unlike Alzheimer's, only impacts the language center of the brain. Unfortunately, PPA is a progressive disease and is treated the same as Alzheimer's.

3. Multiple Strokes which originate in the heart. Her MRI scan is showing some clots on both sides of the brain. If the strokes started in an artery, then they would most likely be contained to one part or one side of the brain.

Testing for all of these issues will include:

A. more bloodwork
B. a spinal tap with results in 4 weeks
C. brain wave test
D. sonic ultrasound of the heart- basically they go down your throat and ping waves off of your heart
E. finally, if we get no definitive results, then we head up to Duke University Memory Disorder Clinic for a fancy PET scan

So all of that being said, I am so very thankful that my parents have decent healthcare and have lived a responsible, thrifty life and can have the very best of healthcare. Most people are not so lucky.

And FINALLY I want to wish Lucy the happiest of birthdays. She was about 8 months old when I rescued her goofy Boxer butt. So I decided that would put her birthday right around Valentines Day! So yesterday we celebrated Lucy's 5th Birthday with a headlock! She has been rescuing me everyday since I brought her wiggly self home! 

Love you sweet Lucy!


  1. Paws crossed for your pawrents. And Happy Birthday
    Benny & Lily

  2. I hope everything works out well for your momma!!

    And HAPPY HAPPY BARKDAY to Sweet Lucy!! Big boxer birthday kisses to you!

  3. We wish your parents the very best.

    Happy birfday Lucy... Enjoy your special day.

  4. Sending POTP to your family and birthday wishes to Lucy!

    Bart, Ruby, and Otto

  5. Happy birfday Lucy! Sounds like you are starting a hard journey with your parents. We wish you well, mom says that is really hard! Thank you for coming by our bloggy and helping us hit our goal of 100 followers.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Online Doods

  6. Such a challenging trail

    Happy Lucy Day Albeit Belated -


  7. I wish more people would crack up and cut it up more often! Happy Birthday to Lucy!

  8. Happy belated Biwfday bootiful Lucy
    We send ouw love and hopes that yoow pawents have mowe laughs than crying...thank dog they have you and good dogtows and the pawsibility of continood good cawe
    Smoochie kisses

  9. Good news about your mom. Hopefully it's one of the more minor issues!

    Happy Birthday, Lucy!! We hope you had a great day! We're sort of partial to Boxers since Riley has two Boxer cousins!

    Elyse and Riley

  10. Wow. None of that sounds good. I wish you guys good vibes for all your health. It's a good thing you got the pups. They always seem to help.

    RE: foam roller suggestion for Juno. I do use foam rollers and therapy balls (even a hard rubber super ball) for my OWN therapy and tight psoas. Never tried it on Juno. I don't know what you mean by a stick tho. the therapist simply uses her hand, much like i use my therapy ball. i just place it in the place with pain and lay on it for as much weight as i can (or put as much pressure on that point as i can) and wait. she does this with her hands though for Juno. I would try to do it but i'm not patient. you have to have tons of patience. because Juno gets up and leaves at first sign of discomfort so i give up. the therapist uses anotehr person to distract with food to keep her in place. it doesn't even matter, i'm told, if the dog gets up and moves as long as the PT's hand is still in place and keeping pressure on it. that's the hard part when you're working with a dog alone like i am mostly. (MWD travels a lot.) so i'm left with giving her massages, which i do when i can and the PT showed me what a tight muscle/knot feels like so that helps.

    Glad you found myofascial release and can run again and do cross fit. I still have some work on my own hip to do before i can run again myself. the older you get, the harder it is to keep the body repaired, oiled and fueled properly. sigh.

    wishing you the very best of health for you guys. hugs to the furkids!