Monday, February 4, 2013


Y'all may remember me talking about my grandfather breeding, raising and training clydesdales and belgians as I was growing up. He is my mother's father and we lived across the street. When a foal was born, we got the phone call, usually before school, to come see the new arrival.

We lived in the city limits but on the edge of town and on several acres between their property and my parents. He was often seen driving his team through the "neighborhood" in his green and yellow wagon.

I had the opportunity to visit the brewery in St. Louis but I didn't get to see Grant's Farm. The stables at the brewery were AMAZING! It gave me goose bumps being there. I probably would've cried at the Farm! LOL

Needless to say this commercial about killed me last night. Absolutely beautiful. A horse of that size in a full gallop is truly something to behold. It makes my heart sing!


  1. We LOVED that commercial! Momma said that it reminded her of when she sees one of her former fosters. Even if it's a year or mroe after she last saw them, they still remember and get SO excited!

  2. We loved this commercial too.
    Thanks for posting so we could watch it again. It's all over with all the morning talk & News shows too.

    Happy Monday.
    xo Cinnamon

  3. LOVED It.... and the final segment where they see each other along the parade route... and the horse didn't seem to acknowledge the trainer... but then as he was driving away... he saw in his mirror... the horse running after him... OH JUST HEART Stoppingly Wonderful. The BOND was THERE and so was the On Duty Training...

  4. That was our favorite commercial too
    Benny & Lily

  5. That really was one of my most favorite commercials of all time. My mom immediately told me about how when she lived in St Louis as a child, there was a dirt road on the side of the pasture and you could park there and watch the horses being put through their paces. I have a weak spot for horses!!!

  6. Crying and crying here. Just love it.


  7. Beautiful! We didn't know about your grandfather. Did he raise the Budweiser horses?

  8. How neat that your grandfather bread, raised and trained Clydesdales! I have always found them to be so majestic!