Monday, August 9, 2010


Thanks to Those Elgin Pugs for the awardie!

Now to 7 things about us! Oh brudder wheres to begin? I hand dis over to Momma.

1. Lucy eats her blanket to soothe her anxieties.

2. Calhoun eats yogurt out of Momma's cup.

3. Nikki grunts like a bear in her sleep.

4. Harry likes to sleep in a basket on the kitchen table, although he is NOT
encouraged to do so.

5. Lilly has "kittens" in the middle of the night by dragging socks and
underwear and arranging them in a cirlce by Momma and Daddy's bed.

6. McIver used to get VERY car sick (and make Daddy gag).

7. Calhoun made a poo in a condo at Kiawah Island before we even got
the suitcases in the door. Classy!

Okays, dis be Lucy again- we have made so many new friends. We would likes to pass dis awardie on to all our followers dat haven't got it yet! Momma says dats da nicest ting to do!


  1. So nice to know more about all of you. And I agree with your mom... give it to everybuddy who has not gotten it yet!! Very much thoughtful!

  2. BOL, that Calhoun do be a class act! (Pssst - my sis Dixie did the same thing once. Mom woz not amoozed.)

  3. Oh so fury nice to find out more 'bout you alls!! Hee Hees!! Yous guys are a riot!! Yous got so muches to holds over each others heads... SNORTS!!

    Nice thing to do to give award out to everyone!!
    We use to see awards on peoples bloggy's and tinks 'dey be nice and would want ones.. den we's got ones and found it hards to choose!! Yous came ups wits fabulous ideas!!
    Big Pug Hugs!!!!
    Izzy, Josie and Anakin Man