Friday, August 6, 2010

Boys Will Be Boys

Lucy here and boy oh boy do I gots a story to share! DIS is what Momma came home to yesterday and I am happy to report dat I would never do such a ting. However, I witnessed the whole ting and I knows who did it!!!

First of alls, dere was a jail break of epic pro-portions!!!

Wanna knows who did dis?
MCIVER!!!!!! My boyfriend! I like a bad boy...
Isn't he handsome?

BUT Momma doesn't so much. She'd rather have a sweet boy...

But dis ting ain't sweet either...

Don't let dat face be foolin' ya!!! Calhoun was an ACK-Sesory to dis devastayshun.
Lilly be hidin' under da bed wif da dust bunnies...
She say- Boys and DOGGIES are beneath me...

In da ends, we are very tired. Dats Calhoun up top to the left, with Nikki beside him wif her big goofy tongue, den ME sittin' da floor bein' good and finally, a very sleepy McIver!

I'm just tired froms writing dis post...
Have a great weekend everyones and we shall be back Mondays wif more adventures!
Love & Licks,


  1. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...oh dis heres made my day. I likes how McIver redecrated da house ....I think it was a luverly thought.
    Hehehehe...ya'll gots any, I mean fiber left fur me?


  2. I am afraid that Morgan will take notes! She's a month younger that MacIver and I can see where that bad boy could be a very bad influence on her!


  3. Looks like a house full of trouble!

  4. Ah, I duss miss those days when I woz a yungun. A furry noggty yungun. Sigh.

  5. OoOoOooo...heeheehee...mciver, i think you might be in a teeny tiny smidgen of trouble, but oh, i bet it was so totally worth it to destuff whatevarrr you got your paws on!!
    the booker man

  6. OH'S MY GOODNESS'S!!!! We's can't stop laughing!!! Even Mommy is laughing.. ('cuz 'dis times its not hers)

    Oh my.. 'dats funny stuffs....

    Okays.. So my sister Izzy does 'dat ALL 'da time..
    Izzy chewed her pet bed to shreds once it a fit a rage 'cuz Mommy left her to go to work a few years ago. Mommy came home to snow in 'da house.
    Mommy's person favorite story ever..
    Mommy and Daddy and Izzy and Anakin.. (not me's 'cuz I's wasn't rescued yets) all lived wits Mommy's friend for a week 'cuz they sold 'dere house before finding 'dis one..anyway...
    Izzy, Anakin and TheBean(Mommy's friends doggie who use to live by in SC wits Puddles) went to Spa for bathes. Petsmart called Mommy and said Izzy is fine.. but she excaped her crate.. they watched her stick her paw out and undo 'da latch.. 'dey had to stick tooth brush in it...ha ha ha ha ha...
    Oh 'da Josie can tell stories for hours... but I's eat up yous bloggy page...

    Josie... who else

  7. I'm thinkin' this is a FRAME JOB. I'll bet it was an invasion of tree rats.. they just "Opened" the JAIL door as they ran out.

  8. I thinks poor McIver is getting blamed for something he didn't do. Cuz I'm pretty sure it was The Ninjas. They brokes in to the house, tore up the house and then lets McIver out of his crate to FRAME him! Yep...I'm pretty sure that's what happened. I know cuz it has happened to me, too.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  9. Big party! No doubt once one began the others followed suit, but I am amazed by the big jail break.


  10. Hello Lucy!!!
    We's posted an awards for yous!!!

    Izzy, Josie and Anakin Man

  11. Uh oh, I bet those boys are in big trouble! My foster sister is usually the one in trouble at our house.