Tuesday, August 3, 2010


DFA is one of the 1,000 Grant Applicants that was accepted by the Pepsi Refresh project for the month of August. What this means is that if we are one of the top 6 projects with the most votes on August 31, DFA will be awarded $50,000. I can't explain to you HOW much this is needed!!!

What we need you to do:

1. Send us any and all ideas you may have to promote this project
2. Re-post to your FaceBook or Twitter followers
3. VOTE daily!
4. We're drafting an email that we'll send to you later today that you can forward to all of your email contacts.

1. You get 10 votes per day, but those are for 10 different projects, they can't be all for DFA - So - yes we're selfish - but don't vote for other projects with your other 9 votes!!!
2. You must be 13 or older to vote
3. You must be within the United States to vote
4. DO NOT VOTE FROM MULTIPLE EMAIL ACCOUNTS SO YOU CAN VOTE MORE THAN ONE TIME DAILY!!!!! If you do, they will delete ALL of your votes for the entire month.

1. Go to this link
2. Create a Pepsi Refresh Account
3. Share your "vote" on your FaceBook account with the provided link on the voting page
4. Text Message: 101480 to Pepsi (73774)

To learn more about Dogs for Autism, please visit our website here or find us on FACEBOOK.

Thank you so much. My colleagues and I love our jobs helping children in different ways but we can't do it without all our volunteers and lots of greenpaper donations!!

Love and Licks,


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