Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Momma Heartbeat is DESPERATE!!!

Our first service dog trainee from Dogs for Autism was McIver. He turned out to be a very peculiar dog and was released from the program. He went back to our director who found him a home. However, the 20-something year old didn't listen to what he was told and returned him. The 20-something year old was very experienced with Germies and we thought would've been a good match.

At any rate, McIver's peculiarities include being a major homebody. He has NO desire to be away from home and what he knows. It makes him very uncomfortable.

He also has NO clue why God made "little people" (children). He is very uneasy around children.

And finally, he just wants to be left alone. He isn't one of these dogs you take to PetSmart to show him off. When people come to your house, he must be crated in a back room. He likes it that way and that is what matters.

He wants to be at home, preferably a farm type setting with lots of land to roam. The land should be fenced because people easily mistake our black Shepards as coyotes or wolves or something and well you know what that can lead to.

He LOVES sticks. He is incredibly well-behaved and, frankly, an easy dog if you follow these simple rules. He listens and wants to please his "person". He is good with other dogs and cats. He is very mellow and incredibly faithful. He's never suffered any trauma or abuse as he was born into our program. The pictures below are from before he turned 1. He will be 2 in October. Since I took these pictures, he developed little brown spots under his eyes. Very cute.

I want him back. In fact, my husband and I were heartbroken when he was released and we had to switch dogs. However 4 dogs would probably be overwhelming. Our program director already has several Germies and we want someone that will love him and work him like he would enjoy.

Can you help me get the word out? He is a very special guy and deserves a very special place in this world.


  1. Yep. I can get him back as a pet. In fact, our director is BEGGING me to do it but I just feel overwhelmed with the thoughts of 4 dogs! Please anyone, is 4 dogs THAT big of a deal. I also would like to have 2-legged children one day. I am so sad and happy. I need major advice from people who understand!!!

  2. Puddles mum here....
    I can see where you would feel overwhelmed with 4 dogs and possibly children in the future. And as much as I hate to say it, I am not sure about the children being around those possible children and it would probably not be in your best interest to keep him. And the finacial responsibility of another dog. I do not mean to sound cold about that, I'm just pointing out husband is always throwing the money in my face about our I am playing devils advocate.
    Have you thought about putting fliers up at the local vets offices? You may also me able to try Caroline at the Humane Society. I mention her because I know her and she may know of someone looking for a German. Just brainstormin here.


  3. MilShelb's Mom here:
    I have to say I agree with Puddle's Mom. 4 dogs sounds like a handful, but above that, if he can't be around kids then sooner or later you'd be looking for another home for him anyhow. Good luck with finding him a home. I hope everything works out!

  4. Ya know? He sounds kind of like ME! I like to just hang out on my estate too. Sure I will go on short walkies and car rides, but I don't really want to get out of the car at our destination and if I walk out of sight of my estate I start to get nervous. I don't get the whole small person thing either. They really freak me out. I am OK with full grown up people who visit my estate, though. But really, I can appreciate how somebody needs to have a special home for guys like us. Good luck. 4 doggies does seem like a lot to have at once unless they are all great pals.


  5. We usually seem to have four dogs around here, and honestly, as long as they all get along, it's no big deal. There are financial responsibilities to consider as well as your lifestyle. I wish we could have another Shepherd, truth be told, because Morgan's style of play is just not the same as the Greyhounds'. She'd be in heaven if she had somebody to play bitey face with. After six weeks I'm totally smitten with her! With our old lady dog here, though, it will be a while. I really hope they find a perfect place for him!